Dynasty Warriors 7

Dominic Sacco

Dynasty Warriors 7

Since 1997 Tecmo Koei has been thrilling gamers with Dynasty Warriors’ open-ended battles, armies of on-screen characters and war simulation gameplay.

The series is a cult success in both East and West, with new characters, modes and graphical touches added to each iteration. Dynasty Warriors 7 is the latest and greatest for current-gen consoles – and promises to be the most complete offering to date.

For starters, the game has over 60 playable characters, up from the previous game’s 46. There’s a new weapon system which allows players to customise said characters in any way they choose, whether it’s hacking and slashing with a sword up close or firing long-range cannons. There are also a whopping 300 weapons to try out.

Conquest mode is where the meat of the game lies. Players can choose which area they want to invade using the in-game map, then play out different battles each with their own goals.

There are even ‘Legendary Battles’ – scenarios tailored to each character which are formed by his or her relationship with other armies and factions. Dynasty Warriors 7 is also the first in the series to offer online co-op play.

“This is something our fanbase has been crying out for – everyone knows that the freeform hack n’ slash gameplay of a Warriors game works best when playing with a friend,” Tecmo Koei’s VP of sales and marketing tells MCV.

“Needless to say, this huge content update has got fans foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Our marketing plans are mobilising that fanbase to get out to retailers on day one and buy Dynasty Warriors 7.”

Ultimate warriors

By being able to switch to other characters at far ends of the war zone, gamers can command their troops to push aggressively at their foes, spread thinly and break the battle into mini skirmishes, or take more defensive lines.
It’s this core gameplay that has amassed a devoted following for Dynasty Warriors games.

“What’s great is that Dynasty Warriors is such a moreish experience, that once a player has bought one of the products, they tend to want to pick up others and discover more about the characters and the Chinese history,” adds Curley.

With this growing fanbase, a targeted marketing campaign, special edition SKU (see ‘Tecmo Koei’s route to market’) and new gameplay additions, Dynasty Warriors 7 looks like it could be the most popular game in the war series to date.

Tecmo Koei’s route to market

Dynasty Warriors 7 is backed by a marketing campaign with 24-hour promotion on Facebook and Twitter. Booths at games, films and comic event MCM Expo has exposed the game to over 250,000 gamers. Ads will also run in specialist magazines OPM and OXM.

GAME special edition

To celebrate the series’ tenth anniversary, consumers will be able to pre-order a Dynasty Warriors 7 special edition exclusively with GAME. The bundled ‘4-Kingdoms’ pen set is the same item that was promoted in Japan, and Tecmo Koei is driving pre-orders for the SKU through social networks, websites and fan events.


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