Easy Interactive's Purple Hills range

Dominic Sacco

Easy Interactive's Purple Hills range

Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate

WITH THE hidden object genre proving popular with casual gamers, Easy Interactive is kicking off its Purple Hills-developed range with Alabama Smith in the Quest of Fate.

The game revolves around archaeology student Alabama Smith and his girlfriend Anastasia who go in search of ‘the crystals of fate’. Players must travel between past and present to search for hundreds of hidden objects on their quest.

With 25 locations to explore, four playable characters, over 20 mini-games, multiple endings and realistic graphics for a puzzle game, Alabama Smith offers both PC owners and hidden object fans an affordable new adventure this winter.

Amelie's Cafe

FOR CONSUMERS who have always dreamt of running their own café, Easy Interactive is answering their coffee-drenched prayers with Amelie’s Cafe.

The game challenges players to take care of a busy coffee shop by serving guests, making meals and cleaning up in order to pull in the most customers and make money.

There is also a gem-matching mini-game that, when completed, unlocks new upgrades for the in-game café. Amelie’s Cafe also boasts more than 50 levels, three café interiors and a wide variety of different chefs and customers to keep gameplay varied and players coming back for more. The title is avaiable to stock now.

Magic Encyclopaedia

THOSE hidden object gamers must have a really big appetite. Easy Interactive is providing another casual puzzle game in the form of Magic Encyclopaedia.

The story this time around is as follows – a girl called Catherine is in search of her brother and hundreds of hidden goodies, of course. Players must navigate a mixture of static screens including studies, tombs and towns to look out for secret objects in order to progress.

These items can be used to solve new puzzles and find even more concealed miscellany.

In Magic Encyclopaedia there are 25 levels and mini-games to take part in, breaking up the puzzle-oriented gameplay.

Farm Frenzy Pizza Party

FARM FRENZY is a popular casual game in Russia and now the follow-up Pizza Party is getting a UK release.

Players must use tools on the farm to create ingredients for pizzas. Depending on their toppings, these can be sold for money which can in turn be used to acquire more crops, tools, vehicles, buildings and up to ten animals.

Creatures can be fed with grass which must be planted across the farm. The animals then produce goods that can be re-used or sold on. Gamers must also protect their livestock from bears to reap bigger rewards.

With 90 levels and a £9.99 RRP, Farm Frenzy Pizza Party provides plenty of replay value.


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