Eldar Saga

Dominic Sacco

Eldar Saga

Eldar Saga is an RPG romp that gives players the chance to explore and restore peace to the lands of Eldar.

The game takes place years after a war between monsters, demons and civilisation. Players are required to step into the shoes of a hero and reunite the races, as the lands of Eldar are slowly being overrun by the returning creatures.

With no apparent reason for the reappearance of the dark monsters, it is up to the hero to battle against them, whilst finding out why they’ve come back.

The storyline allows gamers to choose any of the characters in the party and, with five basic classes available to be advanced and customised, control how their hero develops.

“Eldar Saga offers Wii owners a complete and traditional role playing experience,” says Rising Star product manager Yen Hau.

“Along with the wealth of RPG gameplay on offer, Eldar Saga’s greatest asset is the option to play with a friend via wi-fi, turning an engrossing solo play into a semi MMO experience.”

The locations of Eldar are presented in a stylish way, with players’ quests taking them through rocky canyons, snowy caves and dark forests (the latter coming complete with walking, angry trees).

The battles that players take part in unravel in real time, as the game has no random encounters.

The characters that gamers control come equipped with a complex range of skills and strengths, ensuring that actions in the game help to personalise both a player’s quest and character.

There is a range of stats that make up each character, including strength, vitality, intelligence, speed, resistance, dexterity and luck. The development and customisation of these traits are vital for players, as they determine  attack power, movement and accuracy.


The three types of damage in the game – slash, thrust and strike – come via a variety of weaponry dictated by the character’s job. The basic jobs in the game include fighter, thief, priest, mage or bard, with weapons ranging from the fighter’s axe and swords to the mage’s fire, ice and wind storms.

Gamers who reach chapter two can unlock more advanced weaponry with job titles including knights, archers, ninjas, engineers, godhands and samurais.
A main focus of the game is, of course, fighting evil monsters and there is a mass of different creatures that players will come up against in the heat of battle.

Creature types range from animals, insects, magical creatures and plants to the more demonically titled dragons, demons, humanoids, ghosts and the undead.

Players also have the opportunity to battle across Eldar with a friend, with the online co-operative play available for a party of two.

Hau adds: “There aren’t many core RPG games available for the Nintendo Wii, and we plan to take full advantage of this by giving gamers what they’ve been screaming for over the years.

“As a result, we expect Eldar Saga to perform very well within this sector and the competitive retail price will give shoppers an extra incentive to buy.”

Eldar Saga for Wii arrives in stores on September 17th.


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