Epic Mickey

Dominic Sacco

Epic Mickey

IN TERMS of iconic stature, Mickey Mouse is right up there with Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Mario.

The rodent has been famous longer than all of them.
But there is one thing wrong with Mickey. He’s just a little bit too nice. Disney is changing all that in Wii exclusive Epic Mickey – giving players the chance to complete tasks fairly or deviously.

The game is the creation of Warren Spector, the man behind core hit Deus Ex, putting Disney’s latest title in good stead for success.

The action adventure game puts players in the shoes of Mickey, and allows them to use the Remote to draw objects using paint – or remove them using paint thinner.

Use paint thinner too much and the world will become drab and lifeless – overdo it with the paintbrush and it could appear overly happy and fake. Both have limited reserves, adding a strategic element to the game.

Taking the Mickey

The storyline in Epic Mickey is also a slightly darker offering than what would be expected from Disney.

Sorcerer Yen Sid from Fantasia creates a twisted world where Disney’s key creations from past and present live.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – Walt Disney’s first cartoon star created in 1927 – is the first inhabitant of the world. And after years of watching Mickey Mouse become more popular, Oswald gets jealous. Meanwhile, Mickey accidentally stumbles upon Yen Cid’s map and causes the world to change.

Players must cross the land and put things right – how they do so of course, is up to them.

One thing’s for sure – Mickey Mouse is a character that resonates strongly with children and adults across the globe.

And Epic Mickey offers an experience at a key trading period that promises to be much more than an average action game.

Magical games

History shows that Mickey Mouse has always lent himself well to the world of games – here’s a recap of three classics:

Castle of Illusion

This 1990 release on the Sega Master System and Mega Drive saw players controlling Mickey on a 2D quest to save Minnie Mouse. A classic platformer that paved the way for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Disney’s Magical Quest

A 16-bit adventure game on the Super Nintendo that spawned a trilogy due to its success. Another platformer, but this time players could use outfits to gain powers, including transforming into a magician, fire fighter and more.

Kingdom Hearts

Mickey Mouse has made several cameos in Square Enix’s Disney-focused RPG series – the most notable of which as King Mickey in Kingdom Hearts II on PlayStation 2.

Christmas marketing

Disney is promoting most of its Q4 line-up with a ‘We wish you a Disney Christmas’ marketing campaign
targeting families. It’s a three-month campaign running across TV, print and online, with a shopping centre tour planned.


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