Eve Online: The Second Decade Collector's Edition - Retail Essentials

Eve Online: The Second Decade Collector's Edition - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at this celebration of ten years of Eve Online. 

Eve Online: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition is out now

Eve Online is one of the biggest MMO titles ever and has seen some of the largest battles in the history of gaming. This pack celebrates the past decade of Eve.

The Collector’s Edition comes with a plethora of physical and digital items. The SKU?has the Into the Second Decade history book, a Minmatar Rifter spaceship USB hub, the full Eve Symphony CD, an English adaptation of the Danger Game board game and a mystery code that grants users special benefits in the future.

On the digital side of things, players get blueprints for a spaceship, a Tash-Murkon Magnate ship with a new skin, an in-game time capsule celebrating the series’ history and a new account CD key with 60 days of game time. This is in addition to items for Dust 514.

CCP’s MMO has been running for ten years now and the series has had 19 expansion packs. Set in a galaxy with 7,500 star systems, there are countless planets.

Eve is famous for its massive battles – the most recent of these was the Battle of the Alamo which involved 4,000 players fighting for in-game resources.

It was also hit by in-game crime – this resulted in the creation of the Council of Stellar Management – the first democratically elected online body – which relays player issues to CCP.

Eve has also spawned a free-to-play FPS called Dust 514 set in the same universe.

The latest addition to Eve is the Rubicon expansion pack, which was released on November 19th.

It’s been a labour of love to assemble a Collector’s Edition we believe gamers will find worthy of the Eve universe legacy. We’ve seen a really strong response to the Collector’s Edition thus far, and believe we’re offering an amazing package of Eve universe goodies people won’t be able to find anywhere else. Our goal was to build a very limited number and sell out our full run quickly, and I think that’ll happen.

We started with the objective of creating something celebrating the 10th anniversary of Eve Online as well as marking the second decade of the Eve universe. Our initial view was to ensure we resonated with our loyal fans by packing the Collector’s Edition full of unique, carefully crafted memorabilia, and we think we’ve achieved that.

Along the way, we realised we also had an opportunity to create a perfect entry point for someone who’s been thinking about playing Eve but might have found its 10 years of history a little daunting. In the end, we think we’ve landed with an ideal offering both for the veteran Eve player and for the new ‘Eve-curious’ gamer and we’re really proud of the results.


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