Dominic Sacco


If you happen to sell a large number of Zumba Fitness or Wii Fit games, then Exerbeat from Namco Bandai is just the product for you.

Featuring hip-hop and Latin dance routines, along with karate, boxercise and Yoga exercises, this game provides workout options for a wide range of players.

The game works by using the Wii Remote to track players’ movements. Gamers are able to choose from a variety of options when selecting their workout, such as the length of time that they want to exercise for, which type of workout they want, and which areas they want to concentrate on.

They can then receive real-time feedback from the trainers, and check the amount of calories they have burned after each session.

Players can set themselves weekly and monthly goals and are able to track their progress through the game.
Exerbeat also utilises the Wii Balance Board and MotionPlus accessories, while an Around the World option lets players use their Mii characters to travel across the globe, unlocking new exercises and modes as they reach key landmarks.

A multi-player mode is also available, with the Party Fitness option containing a variety of mini games such as Pirate Attack and Pizza Toss, encouraging multiple players to get involved with the simple exercises.

Exerbeat gives players of all ages and abilities opportunities to get active, and the variety of workout options – from dance to martial arts and body conditioning – provides an alternative to the dancing fitness products that are currently dominating the charts.


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