Experience 112

Dominic Sacco

Experience 112

PQube is fast earning a name for itself following the success of its BlazBlue fighting series.

Now the publisher is releasing Experience 112 – a title that the publisher says can set it apart from other PC games, in the same way BlazBlue did on consoles.

The game is a 3D point-and-click adventure with a twist. Instead of controlling the main character – doctor Lea Nichols – players must help her escape from an abandoned ship by hacking into its surveillance system.

Gamers can unlock doors, access different CCTV cameras, control robots, hack emails and more.

Experience 112 has been developed by French studio Lexis Numérique. The firm has sold some 9m PC games including hits such as In Memoriam.

PQube’s marketing director Rob Noble tells MCV: “Experience 112 has wide appeal for adventure gaming fans, puzzle solvers, as well as RPG players excited by sci-fi, horror and mystery games.

“Marketing and PR will focus on a range of features about the unique gameplay. This will target the specialist PC online press, including banner campaigns integrating voyeuristic video clips and a series of homepage takeovers.”


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