Family Trainer: Treasure Adventure

Dominic Sacco

Family Trainer: Treasure Adventure

TREASURE ADVENTURE continues the successful formula of previous Family Trainer titles with a collection of motion-sensing party games.

As the third entry in the casual Wii sports series, Treasure Adventure adds a range of new activities, treasure island locations and party modes to excite fans and Wii owners.

Namco Bandai product manager Kate White tells MCV: “We have a great Family Trainer fanbase so we know that the new game will be an appealing continuation in the series for all of them.

“We’ll have great in-store presence to capture the family action sports market in the run up to Christmas, and will be hitting the fans with a targeted marketing campaign so we’re expecting it to do well at retail this autumn.

Family Trainer: Treasure Adventure adds four-player functionality for the first time so whole families can play together at once. The exclusive mat bundled with the game gives players a unique experience – whether they have to escape from Egyptian mummies, jump from rope to rope to avoid being bitten by sharks or run along the top of a runaway train. It provides players with a full-body motion-sensing gameplay experience that the Wii Remote can’t offer by itself.

The game’s Mii-integrated characters have been developed further, and players now also have a Trophy Room where they can host all of their unlocked achievements.

In Party Mode, up to eight players can take turns in a series of activities and competitive challenges, with a range of difficulties to suit beginners and seasoned pros.

Meanwhile, Treasure Adventure mode is filled with dozens of missions with more unlocked as gamers uncover new uncharted lands.


There is also a Free Play mode which offers instant access to specific challenges, while Treasure Trials mode pits players against the toughest challenges Treasure Adventure has to offer. Completing top tier missions unlocks rewards such as medals, different outfits for in-game characters and high-score rankings.

Namco Bandai is providing a print and online marketing campaign to ensure the title is picked up by its target audience – children and families.

White adds: “We have a strong print campaign planned amongst the kids and mum’s media to really emphasise the new features of the game, and will be continuing to push the franchise with a great trade marketing programme.

“We will also have a strong online campaign targeting past purchasers of the Family Trainer series with the launch news.”

With its fresh set of challenges based on exhilarating treasure hunting quests, great escapes and thrill-seeking crusades, Treasure Adventure offers a fun way of getting everyone up and active – without the need for serious fitness regimes.

Family Trainer: Treasure Adventure hits stores on October 22nd for the Nintendo Wii.


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