Farming Simulator 2011: Platinum Edition

Release date October 21st 2011 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Excalibur Distributor Contact Sales Ltd
Developer - Contact 01869 338833
Billy Langsworthy

Farming Simulator 2011: Platinum Edition

The standard edition of Farming Simulator 2011 proved that Facebook gamers are not the only ones who like running a virtual farm, having sold 500,000 copies worldwide to date.

The Platinum Edition offers gamers extra time on the farm, with extra vehicles, bee houses, green houses and much more on offer. Players can get to grips with raising livestock, investing in equipment and growing corn, rapeseed, barley and wheat. They can even now sell their own energy using a wind and solar power plant.

“The Farming Simulator 2011: Platinum Edition is a must-have for every agriculture and technical simulations fan,” says Excalibur MD Robert Stallibrass.

“Few simulators on the market are offering such an amount of content in one box. And if this is still not enough, players can download modifications online."

With 18-hour days filled with authentic activities including cow feeding, tractor riding and manure spreading, Farming Simulator 2011:?Platinum Edition is sure to bring consumers back to the farm for yet another successful harvest.


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