Fate of the World - Tipping Point

Release date January 27th 2012 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Lace Mamba Global Distributor
Developer - Contact
Dominic Sacco

Fate of the World - Tipping Point

Already available digitally, Fate of the World is the sequel to the multi-award winning BBC Climate Challenge game.

Now retail can enjoy the title with a bonus £19.99 boxed version hitting shelves titled Tipping Point. This includes the full game as well as all the downloadable content released to date.

Putting the future of the Earth in the hands of the gamer, this single-player title is based on up-to-date science and climate models, researched by Oxford University’s Dr. Myles Allen. Players are put in charge of a fictional international organisation, and are given a set of scenarios spanning 200 years, from 2020 to 2200. 

Using real world data, the challenges span 12 regions, offers over 1,000 possible outcomes and more than 40 hours of gameplay. Players must strike a balance between the world population’s demands for more food, power and living space, while protecting the Earth’s climate and dwindling resources. In-game scenarios include saving the Amazon and the Antarctic shelf collapse.

Lace Mamba Global’s MD Adam Lacey believes it’s important that Fate of the World reaches a wide range of gamers, and that a download alone cannot do that. 

“Fate of the World is a simulation and its intention lies in making people think about their role within the world’s eco-system,” he says.

“To achieve this goal, it’s very important to offer the product in as many channels and places as possible, not just as digital download, which is addressing more core gaming orientated consumers, but also as a classic boxed product.

“The retail release is very important to the Fate of the World mission and success, and there will be a huge demand for a retail edition, since the game is getting so much media attention.”

Fate of the World is designed to make players think about their role in the preservation of the Earth’s resources. It has already received a lot of press attention (see ‘Press Clippings’) – it even won a Climate Week Award.

Having received a lot of great press reviews including an 8/10 from Eurogamer, Fate of the World could very well prove to be a good seller amongst PC consumers. 


The packaging for Fate of the World – Tipping Point will stay true to the game’s message in being eco-friendly. The box will be made from fully recycled material and eco-friendly sourced paper. Plus, there will be free advertising given to green charities in the form of in the game’s manual.

Press Clippings

For a non triple-A title, Fate of the World has picked up a significant amount of praise from a whole host of sources.

The Guardian claims the game is “Already being hailed by gaming experts as a potential breakthrough for social change titles,” whilst The New York Times said “Fate of the World arms you with environmental data and renewable energy policies rather than grenades and rocket launchers, the result is still compelling.”


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