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The paranormal FPS franchise FEAR has returned for a third outing with new multiplayer modes, as well as the expertise of two horror veterans.

Day 1 Studios enlisted the help of Halloween director John Carpenter for the game’s cinematics and Steve Niles who is contributing to the game’s script (see ‘Kings of horror’).

With the help of these veterans, FEAR 3 continues the popular series by tasking protagonist Point Man with ridding the city of his cannibalistic brother Paxton Fettel and psychotic mother Alma Wade.

Warner Bros’ UK sales and marketing director Spencer Crossley says: “FEAR 3 evolves the FEAR brand, introducing divergent co-op for two players: deep, social gameplay giving players distinctly different abilities which can affect their own play, as well as the experience of the gamer they are playing with.”

Scare tactics

FEAR 3 will feature enhanced slow motion sequences, active 360-degree cover and an army of soldiers and paranormal enemies to take down.

Random scare events will offer consumers a different experience each time they play – either alone or with a friend – helping to create a tense atmosphere.

FEAR 3 will also feature a host of multiplayer modes including Contractions, where players are forced to band together to survive waves of evil forces, and ‘F**king Run!’ – a mode that forces gamers to run away from an advancing fog called the ‘Wall of Death’ whilst simultaneously fighting against enemy soldiers.

With new multiplayer modes and enhancements from Carpenter and Niles, FEAR 3 looks set to send a chill down the spine of all those brave enough to try it.

Kings of horror

Film director John Carpenter (pictured above left) and writer Steve Niles (above right) provided their expertise for the production of FEAR 3. The former  directed films such as 1978’s Halloween and 1982’s The Thing, while Niles penned comics 28 Days Later: The Aftermath and Mystery Society.

Scaring readers

FEAR 3 will be promoted by a six-week campaign in a range of Bauer Media publications targeting 16 to 34-year-old males, driving readers to a microsite and competition. Advertorials will appear in men’s lifestyle and film magazines. FEAR will also appear on the cover of key games publications.

TV and online frights

A variety of other creatives such as 30-second TV spots and online games website takeovers will help get consumers talking about FEAR 3.

A video-on-demand campaign will grab the interest of horror fans, FPS gamers and both teenage and adult males.

Making gamers jump

Warner Bros had a dedicated stand at the MCM Expo last month where a playable demo of FEAR 3 was made available to the 50,000 attendees throughout the weekend. A female model was also made up like the game’s ghoulish Alma character to scare punters.


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