Fight Night Champion

Dominic Sacco

Fight Night Champion

Fight Night may be one of the least prolific of EA Sports’ franchises but that doesn’t make each new iteration any less popular than the likes of FIFA and Tiger Woods.

Champion is the first Fight Night to be released since 2009’s Round 4 and significantly improves the realism of the already-impressive graphics and gameplay of the series.

Key to the offering this time round is the ‘Full Spectrum Punch Control’ system, which makes it easier for players to throw more accurate punches.

The game also features a new single-player campaign entitled Champion Mode, in which gamers follow the career of fictional fighter Andre Bishop. And, of course, there will be over 50 celebrity boxers, including legends Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard.

A widespread marketing campaign is already underway, with posters established throughout the London Underground. A demo is available on Xbox Live and PSN – the first from EA Sports to allow consumers to try out the online multiplayer mode.

Retail promotions include exclusive pre-order bonuses such as playable characters. is offering a young George Foreman DLC character and GAME is rewarding consumers with the 100th Anniversary Everlast Boost Pack which includes in-game items.


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