Dominic Sacco


BLENDING TENNIS with pinball may sound like an impossible task, but Nintendo claims to have pulled it off in new platformer FlingSmash.

Players control a ball-shaped character named Zip who can be flung across the screen to smash walls, enemies and other obstacles out of the way. He can also grow and shrink in size, or even transform into a steel ball to clear a path through the levels.

FlingSmash comes bundled with the Wii Remote Plus which includes built-in MotionPlus technology, removing the need for an additional MotionPlus unit. This tracks the user’s movements more accurately than the standard Remote.

Up to two players can progress through the campaign co-operatively, or take part in eight unlockable mini-games and extra levels. These include anything from score attacks to a tennis-style mini-game that mimicks Pong. Stages range from beaches to treetops and underwater grottos.

Nintendo says a FlingSmash marketing campaign is led by a strong PR plan with plenty of review activity and sampling opportunities. Combined with its casual appeal and bundled Wii Remote Plus, FlingSmash could become a surprise hit this Christmas.


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