James Batchelor


GameHits contains four addictive arcade titles based on video game classics, such as Frogger, Tetris, Pac-Man and Space Invaders, all of which have proven success in the past.

Each game will be displayed in glorious 3D, and Foreign Media Games hopes to appeal to online gamers with this release.

Marketing director Michel van Elmpt says: “We know that this game will work very well, especially in the UK.

“31 per cent of all online gamers play arcade games, which is a strong genre and an indication that this game will perform very well for us.

“The USP of this title is that there is something different for each gamer, and we know value-for-money concepts work well in the competitive DS market.”

Like the other upcoming releases from Foreign Media Games, Gamehits will receive an extensive online marketing campaign.


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