Gears of War 3

Release date September 20th 2011 Price £49.99
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Microsoft Distributor Gem
Developer Epic Games Contact 01279 822800
Billy Langsworthy

Gears of War 3

One of the most popular shooter franchises in recent years wraps up its story arc. We take a look at the fastest pre-ordered Xbox exclusive. 

In the history of the Xbox 360, few franchises match up to Gears of War. 

With the series having sold more than 12m games worldwide, won over 50 Game of the Year awards and spawned toys, collectables and best-selling books, Gears of War 3 looks set to be one of the biggest games of the year.

The third instalment is one of this year’s most heavily anticipated releases. Over 1m fans have pre-ordered the game – making it the fastest Xbox 360 exclusive to reach this milestone.

The game is the final part of the current story arc and takes place a year and a half after the events of Gears of War 2. The war against the Locust is as intense as ever. 

Players once again step into the boots of Marcus Fenix, now aboard the Raven’s Nest, a floating aircraft carrier. The latest threat to human survival seems to come from beneath the surface from a mysterious force infecting the planet from the inside.

Top Gear

The recent advancements of the Unreal Engine 3 technology will bathe gamers in realistic lighting, immersing them in locations as breathtaking as any seen in the shooter franchise to date. New features include Anya Shroud becoming a playable character and a revamped Horde Mode. 

Horde 2.0 retains the endless stream of enemies but gives users the ability to purchase fences and turrets to block the waves of Locust as they play online. It also pits gamers up against a ferocious boss with every tenth wave.

With a plethora of new elements, an enhanced engine and storyline, Gears of War 3 looks destined to be an extremley popular entry in what is already one of the most successful franchises in recent years.

Limited Edition

This will be available for around £59.99 and comes with a fabric COG flag, mementos such as the initial Hammer of Dawn schematic and an code that unlocks Adam Fenix in multiplayer.

Epic Edition

This will come with a Marcus Fenix statue, The Art and Design of Gears of War by Tom Bissell, the Infected Omen Weapon Pack containing five weapon skins and all the Limited Edition content.

War paint

There will be a limited edition Gears of War 3 console bundle (£269.99) with a maroon and black finish, complete with a 320GB hard drive, two custom designed controllers and the game.

Explosive extras

Other Gears of War 3 collectables include the detailed console shell entitled the Calibur11 Gears of War Vault, a gold Lancer Replica exclusive to and a Butcher Cleaver.


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There is also the steel book edition which seems to only
be available from for £42.85.

So including the standard edition and epic edition there are
a total of 4 versions to order.

Stuart Rick

Stuart Rick STUDENT
Aug 31st 2011 at 5:17PM

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