Ghost Pirates Of Vooju Island

James Batchelor

Ghost Pirates Of Vooju Island

Some of the most popular point and click adventures ever released are the Monkey Island games. Their tongue-in-cheek humour, oddball characters and light-hearted storyline set them apart from the dark mysteries that dominate the genre.

Ghost Pirates Of Vooju Island continues this tradition – and as a further selling point to fans of Guybrush’s adventures, the game has been designed by Bill Tiller, who was instrumental in the development of The Curse Of Monkey Island.

“With the name Bill Tiller on the box, we are hoping to gain a high chart position,” says Mamba Games’ head of UK sales Glenn Hayes.

“We have good support from retail and hopefully with good store presence consumers will love the packaging and characters, and buy it.”

The action follows three unlikely heroes: a Vooju priest Papa Doc, hapless ship’s cook Blue Belly and hot-headed buccaneer Jane Starling.

All three have been cursed by the evil Queen Zimbi, transformed into spirits, and it’s up to players to help them return to their human forms.

As ghosts, they are limited in how they can interact with the rest of the world, but their newfound transparency does have some advantages.

Each character now has a range of new magical power, and players will have to master these in order to solve the fiendish puzzles that lie ahead.

Gamers can switch between the trio on the fly, enabling them to combine the three ghosts’ unique powers.

Doc, Belly and Starling can also communicate with each other over long-distances, so players can solve multiple puzzles across the game’s various colourful locales.

As they progress, they will meet a variety of spooky but hilarious characters, maintaining the comical nature of the Monkey Island games it draws its inspiration from while still standing out from similar titles.

Ghost Pirates will be marketed with ads and competitions in key gaming magazines and specialist adventure games websites.


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