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Gioteck accessories

HF-1 FPS Controller
PS3, £29.99

DESIGNED specifically for FPS fans, the HF-1 Controller is ergonomically designed to simulate the feel of the Xbox 360 control pad.

It boasts contoured action buttons, turbo fire and an emboldened direction pad for faster weapon selection.

The HF-1 also features anti-slip rubber thumbstick grips, helping players to turn, aim and fire faster than ever. It has a silk finish and contoured edges to ensure comfort during longer gaming sessions.

Gioteck’s controller also connects to the PS3 wirelessly, removing the need for messy wires or dongles. Players can assign custom functions to the shoulder buttons and triggers.

All of this is designed to aid the hardcore PS3 shooter fan. Even the buttons have optimal spring loaded feedback for faster reactions, making it a perfect gift for gamers.

EX-02s PS3 Bluetooth Headset
PS3, £29.99, released December 9th

THE EX-02S PS3 headset features built-in noise cancelling and superior voice clarity, boasting surprising quality for an affordable £29.99.

Its external speakers sit comfortably on gamers’ ears for added comfort, while the power output has been optimised to ensure battery life is as long as possible.

The headset is ideal for gamers who want to play online and hear both in-game sounds as well as the voice of their team-mates.

Gioteck even provides buyers with a set of interchangeable fascias for a customisable effect, such as ‘Blue Tiger Camo’ and ‘Special Ops Camo’.

The headset improves on several features of its EX-01 predecessor, including a more comfortable earpiece and ear-hook design. The buttons have also been designed for gamers to feel and instantly recognise. 

High-speed HDMI cable
360/PS3, £29.99

GAMERS looking for a clearer picture would do well to invest in a luxury HDMI cable.

The XC4-HQ from Gioteck is one such product that promises sharper textures, superior shading, higher definition and improved detail in every Xbox 360 and PS3 game it displays.

The HDMI cable features solid metal connectors and high-grade construction that provides maximum shielding against RM and EF connection interference.

Contacts are gold-plated for cleaner sounds and enhanced picture quality, while the patented IDC connector helps to minimise jagged edges.

Gioteck’s premium cable also boasts high resolutions with 1080p compatibility, 10-48 bit deep colour and a fast refresh rate of 120-240hz, making it the perfect addition to any gaming set-up.

TX-1 Throat Mic
360, £19.99, out now (GAME exclusive until December 31st, 2010)

WHY talk through a standard gaming voice communicator headset when you can use one that tracks the sound in your throat?

Based on technology found in military aircraft, the Xbox 360 TX-1 Throat Mic from Gioteck detects vibrations from the player’s neck and transmits more accurate voice signals for clearer communication.

The neck band is fully adjustable to fit heads of any shape and size, and is designed for optimum comfort.
Its ergonomically-designed rubber ear cushions ensure a precise in-ear fit, allowing for longer gaming sessions.

It also boasts a ‘noise isolation’ function which reduces background noise.

With its budget price and unique features, the TX-1 Throat Mic is a strong alternative to the official Xbox 360 headset this Christmas.


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