Global Agenda

Dominic Sacco

Global Agenda

GLOBAL AGENDA is the new MMO from up-and-coming publisher Iceberg Interactive, and charges players with freeing the world in a dark future.

It was originally released digitally earlier this year, but now the game is heading to retail.

The action is set in 2155, and the greedy Commonwealth, born from the ashes of the Third Great War, is attempting to control the planet.

Players join one of several factions fighting back. They must work with elite teams of specially trained soldiers, each with differing skills and abilities.

One of the game’s key selling points is the lack of monthly subscriptions – a huge factor that makes Global Agenda one of the few free-to-play MMOs to be made available at retail.

The four character classes available are Assault, Recon, Medic and Robotics, each with customisable skills and weapons. 

The Assault soldiers come with thick armour and skills in resilient warfare whilst Recon soldiers are experts in stealth and speed, with invisibility skills and lethal swords.

Players who choose Medics are responsible for keeping the team healthy and Robotics specialists come with a range of high tech devices including gun turrets and force fields.

Soldiers can also be customised to enhance their shooting skills and game progression. There are hundreds of weapons available including grenade launchers, mines, turrets, decoys, drones and jetpacks.
The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 3, which is used to render a vast range of locations and soldiers with detailed visuals.

The third-person camera gives players an impressive view of the battlefield, and some weapons even allow gamers to zoom in to a first-person perspective using the mouse.


Players can go to war with friends online in co-op mode, which allows up to four players to work as a team.

Using voice chat and built-in text to communicate with each other, gamers can co-ordinate their efforts to infiltrate facilities and other enemy strongholds in their fight for supremacy.

Gamer-formed ‘agencies’ – Global Agenda’s take on the guilds of World of Warcraft – can also compete for areas of sparse territory on the world map.

Once they have conquered an area, agencies can build facilities and indulge in the politics of war as they strive to achieve world domination.

The boxed version of the game also includes the Sandstorm expansion, which contains extra content released after the game went live.

This expansion gives players a large new area to explore and experience in a PvE mode, as well as giving gamers an expanded PvE co-op mode with new bosses and missions.

There is also a new Defence Raid mode in the expansion that can house up to ten people. Alongside these PvE zones are new PvP maps, enhanced player customisation tools, advanced agency vs agency gameplay and over 30 new weapons.

With no monthly subscription fees, Global Agenda immediately sets itself apart from other titles in the genre.

The range of classes, customisations, online co-op and versus modes enhances this and helps to establish Global Agenda as a title that offers a fresh alternative in the MMO market.

With upcoming releases such as Final Fantasy XIV and WoW: Cataclysm, MMOs are in high demand this Q4 and Iceberg is after a share of the market.


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