God Of War III

James Batchelor

God Of War III

God of War is a series which has always lived up to its epic title, and Sony looks set to capitalise on this when the third instalment makes its PS3 debut on March 19th.

Players will once again lead ex-Spartan Kratos in God of War III, which promises a whole new single-player story, weapons, enemies and game engine with the most realistic graphics in a God of War title.

“We are expecting this to be a strong seller – the God of War franchise has always performed well, and this is the most epic God of War yet,” says Sony’s UK product manager Claire Backhouse.

“We have already seen strong pre-order numbers and this is prior to our marketing activity kicking in.”
God of War III has already received nine out of ten in Playstation Official Magazine, which describes it as “inches away from scoring ten out of ten, the biggest God of War – and if it’s the finale, then it gives Playstation’s toughest hero the send-off he deserves.”

Previous God of War games have received favoured reviews. PS2’s God of War II was awarded an average score of 93 on review aggregator website Metacritic and the original achieved 94. Sony is confident God of War III will have similar praise placed upon it.

“The hype and anticipation for this title is huge, and from what we have seen so far, the game will not disappoint”, says Backhouse.


God of War III offers players a fast-paced gaming experience which “envelopes the gamer in the world of brutal Greek mythology,” adds Backhouse.

‘Brutal’ is a correct choice of word for the God of War universe, as the 18-rated title allows players to pull off some devastating special moves and wield a variety of weapons, including Kratos’ classic double-chained blades.

This time the game’s protagonist scales the heights of Mt. Olympus and the depths of Hell itself to claim revenge on those who have betrayed him.

Sony says Kratos “must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus”.

The PS3 exclusive boasts an all-new game engine to increase realism and visual effects, while giving players the chance to take part in battles four times larger than those in God of War II.

An Ultimate Trilogy Edition will also be available at release, featuring extras such as an art book, exclusive downloadable content, soundtrack and remastered versions of God of War and God of War II (see ‘God of More’).


Sony aims to deliver a marketing campaign to raise further awareness and drive sales with what it considers to be a “mainstream audience”.

Press ads have been placed in a variety of magazines including Total Film, PSM3, T3 and Edge.

An online pre-order and competition campaign with Eurogamer and CVG, which includes homepage takeovers and advertising, kicked off on February 22nd and will run until the game is released on March 19th.

Backhouse adds: “We are running our TV spot across 16 to 34 year-old male television shows, as well as a competition in conjunction with Kerrang and Five USA where you can win the chance to live like a rock god, or a god of action.”

Sony will also be supporting God of War III in retail outlets and online stores. It plans to target films in cinemas such as Clash of the Titans and Legion, which it says will appeal to God of War’s target audience. 


Sony’s special God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition includes a mammoth collection of additional content in Pandora’s Box-style packaging, including:

– God of War III
– God of War II in HD
– God of War in HD
– A replica of Pandora’s Box
– Art book
– God of War: Unearthing the Legend – a documentary about the history of God of War
– Downloadable music, including a heavy metal album inspired by God of War
– A three-CD soundtrack of the God of War trilogy
– Access to the God of War Combat Arena
– Seven in-game challenges
– A new in-game environment
– Four new character skins for Kratos – Dominus, Apollo, Phantom of Chaos and Forgotten Warrior
– Postcards
– Additional downloadable content via PSN

The God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition is due to be released on March 19th for an estimated retail price of £109.99.

It’s a limited edition package and is expected to sell out shortly after pre-orders are met.


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