Gran Turismo 6 - Retail Essentials

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Gran Turismo 6 - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at Sony's leading racing series which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. 

Gran Turismo 6 hits stores on December 6th.

Gran Turismo is one of Sony’s leading IPs and consistently acts as a benchmark of what PlayStation consoles are capable of graphically. It is notorious for the sheer level of detail and realism that developer Polyphony cram onto the disc.

1,997 cars will be available when the title launches – old favourites include the Aston Martin Vanquish while the Lamborghini Diablo and, erm, a Moon Buggy are among the newcomers. Thousands of parts and custom wheels are available for nearly all the cars and new vehicles will be coming as post- launch DLC.

Twenty different companies – including Aston, Mercedes and Nike – have designed concept cars for the title to celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary.

There are seven brand new tracks for racers to speed around including the UK’s own Silverstone Circuit and Brands Hatch, as well as California’s Willow Springs. This brings the total number of tracks up to 33, though there are 77 different course layouts available to add variety.

The title uses a new physics engine which takes into consideration vehicle load changes, attitude and the relationship to the track surface in order to add realism. This is in addition to a new aerodynamics model which changes according to the shape of the car.

Polyphony worked with tyre company Yokohama Rubber, to ensure realistic simulation of the game’s tyre, alongside Germany’s KW Automotive to make the cars’ suspension act true to life.

The course maker returns in the form of a GPS app. Players can activate the gadget and it will track their location and ultimately form a racing track out of the data. This will be released post-launch.

Gran Turismo is Sony’s leading racing IP and is famous for its attention to detail and aspirations of realism.

The series started life in 1998 and there have been six main entries in the series. This is in addition to another eight releases including a PSP title and the Concept sub-series which bridged GT3 and 4.

Since Gran Turismo 4, Polyphony has released a Prologue to each

title, which acts as an extended demo for the forthcoming game.

The series has appeared on every Sony console to date with the exception of the PS Vita and has sold over 70m units with the best- selling title being GT3: A-Spec on the PlayStation 2.

Gran Turismo celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and has sold more than 70 million copies to date, making it the biggest racing franchise in the world.

Gran Turismo prides itself on offering the most authentic driving experience available – the accuracy can be seen directly through the Nissan GT Academy programme, now in its fifth season, where a full team of Gran Turismo gamers took a podium finish at LeMans 2013. With over 1,200 cars to choose from over 30 locations to race across, GT6 will be the most complete driving experience ever released. Vision Gran Turismo is an incredibly exciting and unique project – exclusive to Gran Turismo 6 – which was created to celebrate 15 years of the franchise. The initiative is made up of 18 leading car companies such as BMW, Nissan but even includes design houses such as Nike and Jordan. Each partner will create a concept car – giving a unique insight into the future of the automotive sector. These designs will then be recreated in GT6 and gifted to GT6 owners as free DLC

Playstation UK has invested heavily in television advertising for Gran Turismo 6 – the platform holder is running an intense two week campaign target at the game’s primary male audience. The TV spots will be appear on channels such as ITV during Champions League matches, alongside programmes on Sky Sports, ITV4 and Dave.

This above-the-line TV spend is in addition to the GT?Academy TV?series that started earlier this week (Wednesday, November 27th) on ITV 4 and will run for three weeks. The show follows the six UK gamers in their bid to becoming a real racing driver, and is a partnership between Sony and Nissan.

The show will be repeated on Saturdays, as well. Competitiors will be eliminated through a Race Camp, and the last man standing for the UK will go head-to-head with the top performers from the rest of Europe.

During this, Sony has a four minute ad break featuring Danny Wallace and former British GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough. There will also be social media activity.

Online, the publisher has staged takeovers of Eurogamer, Gamespot, ESPN, Sky Sports and Top Gear’s websites. Pre-roll trailers have been delivered over video on demand services like Sky on Demand and 4OD. In print, adverts and present buying guides featuring GT6 have appeared in lifestyle magazines like?FHM, Q, Empire and Edge, as well as press like The Sun and Metro.

Alongside the standard edition of the game, Sony is releasing an Anniversary Edition to mark 15 years of Gran Turismo. This special SKU includes 20 cars carrying the Anniversary Edition livery, 1m in-game credits. custom paint chips and a race suit, race helmets and PSN avatars. All of this comes in a Steelbook case. 


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