Gray Matter

Christopher Dring

Gray Matter

Created by acclaimed storyteller, game designer and industry luminary Jane Jensen, Gray Matter is a point and click adventure game in the classic form.

If you’re looking for a frame of reference think Monkey Island or Broken Sword. The Wizarbox-developed thriller focuses on puzzle solving and exploration, and has carefully spun mysteries and a distinct gothic style.

It marks publisher Lace Mamba Global’s entry into the Xbox 360 market.

The narrative centres on two players – Sam, a young street magician, and Dr David Styles, a reluctant neurobiologist and Oxford University professor.

Using gameplay mechanics centred on magic and supernatural powers, Gray Matter certainly has enough unique features to distinguish it clearly from its contemporaries in the much-loved genre.

Its strongest selling point for console owners, however, comes from the fact that Gray Matter is one of just a few point and click adventures to see release on the Xbox 360.

“Gray Matter is one of the major adventure releases of 2011,” Lace Mamba Global’s head of PR and marketing Claas Wolter tells MCV. “The interest in the game is and has been extremely high.”

Stop the press

Wolter adds: “We’re getting tons of press inquiries both from special and general interest journalists who want to review the game.

“There is a lot of press coverage coming up, and we’re receiving great ratings from the specialist gaming press already.”

An ambitious marketing campaign is already underway. Specialist print publications including Official Xbox 360 Magazine and PC Gamer have already run advertisements, and more is planned.

Meanwhile, PR support is targeting consumer and specialist print publications, as well as a wealth of websites.

No Plain Jane

Game designer Jane Jensen is most famous as the mind behind the popular Gabriel Knight series of PC adventure games.

She has subsequently built up a significant fanbase, particularly in the English speaking territories.

Gray Matter is her first big adventure game release in more than 10 years, meaning a substantial customer base is looking forward to buying a copy.


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