Green Day: Rock Band

Dominic Sacco

Green Day: Rock Band

GREEN DAY is a four-time Grammy award winning rock band with over 65 million record sales and an enormous global following worldwide – making them a perfect fit for the Rock Band franchise.

The game, Green Day: Rock Band, sets out to capture the energy and likeness of Green Day while offering players a plethora of past hits, including ‘Basket Case’, ‘Minority’ and ‘American Idiot.’

Harmonix project lead Chris Foster says: “Fans of the band will want to see every experience the musicians go through – and if playing them in 3D is not enough, we’ve included real video, out takes and unseen images from the Warner Bros Records vault too.

“They’re a fun band with immense appeal so it’s great to get to translate that into a video game.”

The developer also worked on Beatles: Rock Band and the original Guitar Hero, which went on to become a worldwide hit, rocking up $45m sales in its first year on sale. It also paved the way for a string of popular music peripheral-based video games over the following years.

“The Beatles: Rock Band got us a lot of people who wouldn’t have bought a Rock Band game before,” adds Foster.

“With this I think Green Day fans will love this version, even if they’re not Rock Band fans – they’re definitely potential Rock Band fans.

“The music, the intensity and the challenge is all there. If they’re a fan of Green Day but not yet of Rock Band, then this is definitely a way to pull them in.”

Long view

Green Day: Rock Band features a broad range of tracks spanning across the band’s 21-year history, including three full albums – 1994’s Dookie, 2004’s American Idiot and 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown.

Players are also able to play along to classic songs from other albums, such as ‘Hitchin’ A Ride,’ ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ and ‘Minority.’

There are a variety of locations to perform at including Oakland’s Fox Theatre in the US, Milton Keynes Bowl and a warehouse that was included at the band’s request to showcase their earlier years.

The likeness of each member has also been translated into the game, with frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tré Cool’s mannerisms, facial animations and actions accurately conveyed in-game.

Foster says: “We really wanted to focus on Green Day as a live act and capture their incredible stage performances with motion capture, new camera technology and entire recorded gigs to capture the band’s sheer chaos on stage.”

Up to five players at once can jam together, with guitar, bass, drums, vocals and backing vocals available. Confident gamers can even combine accessories to play guitar and sing at the same time.

EA and MTV Games have also made the game compatible with Rock Band and Guitar Hero peripherals, making it easier for users to pick up and play the title without having to spend more on specific game instruments.

Foster comments: “If someone has a plastic guitar or drum set in their house, then they’re definitely going to want this game.”

I wanna be the majority

The mass-market appeal of Green Day gives EA and MTV Games optimism at retail. And with it appearing on all three major consoles the consumer attraction for this product is heightened further.

The songs from Green Day: Rock Band can be transferred to other Rock Band titles, saving users switching discs.

A Green Day DLC pack was also released last year containing six songs – all of which are also compatible with the new game.

On top of the 47 tracks (see ‘Songs of the Century’), the title also boasts 100 band photos and 40 minutes of special video footage.

Green Day: Rock Band will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii on June 11th. It will be offered as a standalone disc at retail, with additional music instrument peripherals available to purchase separately.


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