Guild Wars 2

Release date August 28th 2012 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher NCsoft Distributor Koch Media
Developer - Contact 01256 385200
Lauren Wainwright

Guild Wars 2

Breaking into the MMORPG market is difficult. However, the original Guild Wars managed to do just that and was a roaring success. The Guild Wars brand had managed to sell over 6.5 million units worldwide, which includes a number of boxed expansions that continually crept their way up retailer’s PC?charts.

With a brand like Guild Wars behind it, this sequel shouldn’t have too much to worry about.  It probably helps that the game doesn’t charge gamers a monthly fee to explore the absolutely huge beautiful world on offer, merely asking consumers for a one-off payment. 

Of course, gamers are welcome to make micro-transactions at the in-game gem store. These real money transactions allow players to pick up cosmetic items such as hats and outfits or convenience tools to save time and effort.                                                                         


Guild Wars 2 is not doing too bad pre-order wise either. The digital collector’s edition – which includes beta access – sold out on the website, and has entered a second run. It far exceeded ArenaNet’s expectations and quickly filled up the 48 world-strong server capacity.

Craig Stephens, PR Manager at NCsoft told MCV, “Guild Wars has always proved to have stamina in the long run and we’re expecting it to be a mainstay in the chart for many months to come.

“Additionally, we’ve seen some great PC RPGs performing fantastically well in the past year and expect to attract many first-time MMO players.”

It’s a promising MMORPG with what looks to have a long life ahead of it. With triple-A production and no monthly fee, Guild Wars 2 is on the wish list of many an MMO gamer. 


Like the original Guild Wars, the sequel will be available to consumers as a one-off purchase. This means consumers are getting a high-quality MMORPG without the monthly fees to play online.


In-game purchases can be made with real money. These purchases include cosmetic and convenience items leaving no-one disadvantaged. Players who don’t want to part with real money can also exchange their in-game money for gems.


Players who pre-order Guild Wars 2 are given beta privileges so they can test the game prior to launch. Beta events ran regularly on weekends, with new features, races and quests being available on each schedule.


The launch campaign starts near to the release date with a large push covering all major gaming sites and an extensive retail presence. Online broadcast media and print will also be targeted alongside search engine optimisation. Marketing is on-going to maximise player acquisition and retention.


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