Guitar Hero: Van Halen

James Batchelor

Guitar Hero: Van Halen

The Guitar Hero train continues to steam through the High Street: next stop, Van Halen.

The American rock band provides the inspiration for the newest band-specific Hero outing, following on from Aerosmith and Metallica.

“Guitar Hero: Van Halen brings to life the flamboyance and musical genius of Van Halen, letting fans test their abilities alongside one of the very best,” says brand manager Jon Edney.

“Having launched in the US prior to Christmas, we’re delighted to finally release the game in the UK so gamers can compete against the most challenging guitar riffs the franchise has ever produced.”

There are 25 of Van Halen’s greatest hits on offer, including ‘Jump’, ‘Panama’, ‘Eruption’, ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’, ‘You Really Got Me’ and more. There are also 19 guest acts from other iconic artists, such as Lenny Kravitz, Queen and Blink 182.

As with previous band-specific versions, the development of Guitar Hero: Van Halen has benefited from the contributions of its namesake.

“We’re excited to be reuniting through Guitar Hero,” says Edney. “The game will allow both existing fans and newcomers an opportunity to relive classic Van Halen moments.

“Whether it’s for the eighties revival night audience and their love of ‘Jump’ or the Van Halen diehards and their appreciation for the spine-tingling riffs of ‘Eruption’, the game has something for everyone.”

While the Guitar Hero name is as prominent as it has ever been amongst the pubic, Activision will still be working to raise awareness of this new addition’s arrival in order to draw out hardcore Hero collectors and Van Halen fans.

“The launch will see us build on the successful model we have used to launch previous band specific titles,” adds Edney. “We have heavily-targeted above-the-line, PR and social media campaigns planned.”

“Van Halen adds another dimension to the Guitar Hero range and we’re really excited about the gauntlet it’s about to lay down to all the Guitar Hero aficionados out there.”


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