Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Dominic Sacco

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The Guitar Hero series returns to consoles with its sixth title, Warriors of Rock, which takes players on their own rock campaign.

The series has sold more than 44 million units to date, and this new title takes the franchise in a new direction with regards to its career mode. Rather than just achieving global fame and fortune in a rock band, players will now take part in a narrative-led quest, with characters gaining special powers as they battle against the Beast, an ancient evil enemy.

This quest mode, narrated by KISS front man Gene Simmons, takes place after the Demi-God of Rock is confined in stone after a battle against the Beast, who then throws the source of his power, his legendary guitar, into the abyss. It is up to players to use the power of rock to bring new members to the band, find the guitar and defeat the Beast boss.

Fans of Rush will see the appeal of the game’s final stages, as players will rock through the band’s seven-part, 20-minute song, 2112, complete with band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson narrating production notes from the album during intervals. This will also be accompanied by a three-part setting inspired by the band.


The game also introduces a new aspect to the series – each of the eight characters in the game has their own special abilities and powers that allow higher scoring combos.

Fan favourite Johnny Napalm returns to the franchise, with New York’s iconic CBGBs as his home venue, and his warrior transformation makes him become a glowing, blue teleporter. The bonus that comes with this transformation is that players will continually have a x2 multiplier, regardless of their points streak.

Guitar Hero’s heavy metal representative, Lars Ümlaüt, also appears in the game with a transformation that leaves him with the head of a boar, but gives players the ability to reach a x6 multiplier without achieving star power.

There will be a new perk system in the game, which allows players to use any two unlocked warrior bonuses for future songs. Players can also combine different perks in order to achieve huge scores of up to 40 stars, rather than the standard five.

Whilst the modes from previous instalments return, like the popular four player party play, a new addition is Quickplay+, a mode that allows gamers to play any song from the game immediately or download content.

This mode also allows gamers to take a fresh approach to previously played songs, with 13 gameplay challenges for each track in the game.

The Wii version of the game build on the Roadie modes seen in Guitar Hero 5 and allows players to connect a Nintendo DS to the Wii, create setlists from the DS and also play mini-games on the handheld device to cast spells.

Warriors of Rock features more than 90 songs from bands including Slipknot, Muse and Queen, while Alice Cooper’s No More Mr Nice Guy and The Runaway’s Cherry Bomb have been re-recorded especially for the game. Fans of Megadeth will be excited to know that Dave Mustaine has written and recorded an original song for the game entitled Sudden Death.

With all previously downloadable content from Guitar Hero 5, World Tour, Smash Hits and Band Hero compatible with Warriors of Rock, as well as a new, customisable guitar designed for shredding, the latest Guitar Hero offers fans exactly what they want from a rock title.

The addition of a story-based career mode as well as character transformations and powers help to make Warriors of Rock a game that will appeal to fans of the franchise, as well as provide hardened Guitar Hero music fans with a brand new experience to rock out to. Activision is confident the game will achieve strong sales.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock arrives in UK stores on September 24th for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.


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