Harvest Moon Animal Parade / Sunshine Islands

Dominic Sacco

Harvest Moon Animal Parade / Sunshine Islands

Long before FarmVille ensnared the masses, there was Harvest Moon. Although the past tense here is wholly inappropriate as the latest double bill proves the series is still going strong.

Rising Star and Namco Bandai have released two new farming adventures just in time for Christmas – Harvest Moon: Animal Parade on Wii and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands on DS.

In addition to the usual escapades of planting crops, raising livestock, wooing the local ladies and having children, each title has its own storyline and unique quirks.

Animal Parade is set in Harmonica Town, where crops have stopped growing. Players must search for the elemental bells in order to awaken the Harvest King and restore the land.

As well as the traditional barnyard creatures, the game features more exotic animals that farmers can take as pets, including penguins, pandas and monkeys.

Life's a beach

Sunshine Islands follows on from 2008’s Islands of Happiness, sending players on a quest to raise a string of tropical islands that sank after a powerful earthquake.

With each magical Sun Stone they recover on their journey, gamers will be able to harvest new crops, meet new characters and befriend new animals.

Both titles benefit from specialist PR and Facebook promotions.


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