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THQ wants its own Call of Duty. And Kaos Studios has developed a modern-day shooter for the publisher that is already getting the specialist media excited.

Homefront certainly has a concept interesting enough to set it apart from other triple-A FPS games. Set in 2027, the game plays out a fictional battle between the US and ‘Greater North Korea’, with the latter sending troops into the streets of America.

The player takes control of a US soldier who must defend his homeland. There’s a full story-driven single-player campaign with set pieces, firefights and locations that look just as epic as those from a Call of Duty game.

Battles take place in shopping centres, stadiums and streets filled with soldiers, armoured vehicles and enough explosions to keep trigger happy gamers content.

Areas are expansive, allowing users to choose from a variety of paths to navigate through each level, all of which have a high level of detail.

The game is also penned by Apocalypse Now writer John Milius, ensuring a high-quality storyline.

No place like Home

Playing a game which is set in such a ruined version of America is a far cry from anything else currently available on the market – bar Fallout 3 – and is perhaps Homefront’s key selling point.

Players have a wide range of weapons at their disposal from sniper rifles to assault rifles and machine guns to flamethrowers. And of course, Homefront has its own online multiplayer mode to further attract both console gamers and FPS fans.

With its epic scale, unique storyline and fun gameplay, Homefront has its sights set on the top of the charts as this year’s must-have original FPS.

Home is where the war is

Press propaganda

THQ has set up a rather obscure campaign for the specialist gaming press, sending out Korean documents to journalists. Well, we certainly hope it was THQ who sent them.

Black Ops for thinkers?

The press has already lavished praise on Homefront for its unique style and ambitious scale. CVG described the game as “the thinking man’s Black Ops”.

Primetime TV

The Homefront TV ad premiers on Tuesday, March 1st after the Chelsea vs Manchester United football game at 9.30pm. This is set to run on both Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports HD 2.

PC limited edition

A special edition of Homefront is available on PC which features ‘SteelBook’ packaging. It also comes with day-one multiplayer extras including an Air Recon Drone.


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