Jambo Safari

James Batchelor

Jambo Safari

What with being a stickler! for grammar, the MCV! team isn’t sure about putting! exclamation marks! randomly in the middle! of sentences.

It’s just not us. It’s our failing. Maybe we’re just not wacky enough.

Luckily for consumers, Sega suffers from no such qualms – which is just one reason why the publisher has been able to resurrect classic 1990s coin-op adventure-cum-racer Jambo! Safari.

As with the original game, the new title allows gamers to play as one of four safari park rangers – but this time round they are fully customisable.

With the ultimate aim of becoming a fully qualified ranger, players must take on high-speed challenges and rescue missions across the free-roaming landscapes of the African Plains.

Aimed at younger gamers, the title lets players used one of the four customisable vehicles, including the fully licensed Land Rover Defender 90 and 110.

Jambo! Safari missions include rescuing animals in need, treating them, photography, sight-seeing adventures and even hot air balloon rides.

“Jambo! Safari has a respected heritage,” explains Sega Europe PR and marketing executive Kate Billingham.
“With the latest instalments on the Wii and DS, we’re bringing you the fun and excitement of the original and reinventing it with modern graphics, deeper gameplay and a new nurture and treatment element for the whole family to enjoy. We know people loved the original Jambo! Safari, and we expect them to love the new games even more.”


Sega has secured 850,000 Jambo! Safari-themed kids menus in Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide. The promotion will run until the end of November. These contain 15 pages of puzzles, line-art, word searches and competitions. The firm has also teamed up with National Geographic Kids for a half price subscription offer promoted in the magazine and online, targeting 100,000 readers.


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