Jig-a-Pix: Love is...

James Batchelor

Jig-a-Pix: Love is...

Puzzle games have always been popular on the DS thanks to its portable nature and intuitive stylus controls, and Zushi continues to capitalise on this with its innovative Jig-A-Pix series.

Now the series grows once more with the addition of Jig-A-Pix: Love Is..., the first licensed entry in the franchise, which arrives on shelves towards the beginning of next month – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As with the initial wave of Jig-A-Pix titles, this new entry challenges players to solve a variety of puzzles to form an image using the stylus.

This time around, all of the images are based on the well-known Love Is... comic strip that first appeared in the ‘70s and has graced such merchandise as greeting cards, mugs and souvenirs.

Each image is one of the Love Is... strips which features two young naked characters and a phrase about the joys of romance in its various stages, from dating to married life.

There are more than 80 of these cartoons to find – specially commissioned for the game – forming a multitude of preset puzzles that will take gamers a good while to master.

Jig-A-Pix: Love Is... also continues the series tradition of DSi functionality. Gamers that own Nintendo’s camera-toting handheld will be able to take a picture of anything they want and instantly turn it into a challenging puzzle for them to complete.

“DSi functionality is central to the appeal of Jig-A-Pix,” says marketing executive Chris Walton.

“The ability to take a picture of anything and create any one of a variety of puzzles from it is not only a first for the format but also exactly what the game playing public is looking for in the new DSi Console.”

As it has done with previous Jig-A-Pix releases, Zushi will be supporting the Love Is... edition with a carefully targeted ad campaign designed to raise awareness of the game’s arrival among young girls and casual gamers.


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