John Daly's ProStroke Golf

Dominic Sacco

John Daly's ProStroke Golf

PINK STRIPEY trousers, polka dots and chequered shorts – if these kind of clothes have been made, chances are pro golfer John ‘The Lion’ Daly has worn them.

The star of sports title John Daly’s ProStroke Golf is the two-time major winning sportsman, famous for his colourful character and outlandish fashion sense, as well as his sports skills and powerful golf drives.

Like Daly, O-Games is setting itself apart from the competition, instead with its innovative gameplay system, tutorials and PlayStation Move compatibility out of the box.

O-Games’ CEO Jim Scott tells MCV: “We have high expectations for the product due to the quality and the solid feature set on offer.

“Combine this with the strong market for golf games, the launch of PlayStation Move, the Ryder Cup and the Christmas gifting period and we are really excited about the potential that the game has to offer.

“However, we will not sit back and rest on our laurels – we will ensure we support the game with a solid marketing campaign, driving the message out to consumers over the next couple of months before 2011.”

O-Games is so confident of the title it is delivering its biggest marketing campaign yet (see ‘Swinging to market’).


John Daly’s ProStroke Golf offers a range of features to attract golf fans, gamers and sporty individuals. Its key offering is the ProStroke Golf control system which allows players to craft their swing technique and shape the perfect shot, just like playing real golf.

The ProStroke view gives users a first person perspective where they can change the position of their feet, open and close the clubface and line up a winning shot.

“These ProStroke controls offer the most realistic golfing experience in a video game to date,” adds Scott.

“And as the first golf game to fully integrate PlayStation's new Move motion controller from launch, it gives players complete control over their swing and golf shots, delivering stunning accuracy.”

PS3 Move users can set up their stance, ball position and alignment, take practice shots then swing the motion accessory to make the in-game ball fly. The technology takes the player’s wrist rotation, club face angle, swing power and path into consideration to recreate a lifelike experience.

For accessibility, there are three skill levels to choose from – amateur, pro and tour pro, which also affects the quality of the player’s swing.

There are also a number of fully licensed golf courses to choose from, along with five different game modes. For example Challenge Mode allows users to pitch themselves directly against a pro, including John Daly himself, who also offers players expert tips and tutorials.


O-Games says obtaining a unique sportsman like Daly for celebrity endorsement can help drive further interest in the game.

“John Daly is famous for his colourful character, no nonsense ‘grip it and rip it’ style of play and for being one of the biggest drivers of a ball in the professional game of golf,” says Scott.

“However, he is first and foremost a very talented golfer and has remained so for a number of years. We were keen to ensure that we worked with someone that everyone could relate to, especially as golf can sometimes be seen as an elitist sport.

“We feel that John is the perfect sportsman and fun-loving character to deliver our message to anyone, however skilled at golf they may be. We are working closely with John to promote the product to his fanbase.”
John Daly’s ProStroke Golf has already been well received by the specialist press and O-Games anticipates strong reviews approaching release.

With its unique control system, Move integration and The Lion himself, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf is set to land a hole in one when it arrives on shelves.


The marketing campaign for John Daly’s ProStroke Golf is the biggest O-Games has ever undertaken, spanning a broad reach of channels right up to 2011.


This campaign kicks off in October and will run for three weeks, reaching 5m sports fans. Spots will appear on Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Sky HD, E4, Sky 1 and Dave around key programming such as the Ryder Cup, Premiership football matches and Soccer AM.


Ads, competitions and editorial will run on TalkSport in September and October reaching over 2m listeners.


O-Games is working with, Google, YouTube, Golf 365 and The Sun to get a range of ads online including MPUs, pre-rolls, leaders, banners and targeted email campaigns.


Specialist, sports and mainstream publications have been covering the game since E3 in June and will continue this up to the game’s release. Following this, advertisements will appear in sports, lifestyle and golf media.


O-Games’ CEO Jim Scott says: “We will work closely with our trade partners to ensure that we deliver a strong and compelling message in-store, focusing on format-specific promotions, PS3 Move launch promotions and retail-specific campaigns.”


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