Killzone 3

Dominic Sacco

Killzone 3

Barely a year after its predecessor seized the number one spot in the charts – incidentally beating Microsoft’s own Halo Wars – Sony’s Killzone 3 is ready to take the market by storm.

But far from being a meagre update with a new campaign and a fresh coat of paint, the game brings some major improvements to the series.

Of course fans will still be keen to know that the storyline continues from 2009’s Killzone 2.

The Helghast Emperor may be dead, but the war is not over yet with two potential successors fighting to take over Helghan. Caught in the middle, the soldiers of the ISA must now fight for survival.

A lot of time and effort has gone into making Killzone 3’s combat even more intense than that of
its predecessors.

In addition to the usual updates such as new weaponry and upgraded AI, a brutal melee system has been introduced, allowing gamers to keep up the fight when low on ammo.


However, these features are all purely cosmetic compared to the game’s major selling points (see ‘A Killer Arsenal’).

As a standalone FPS game, it’s already an appealing title to the PS3’s established audience.

But throw in the stereoscopic 3D mode and Killzone 3 becomes one of the most sophisticated shooters on the market – a crucial pillar in Sony’s push for widespread 3D penetration.

And if that weren’t enough, the title is also instrumental in the platform holder’s plans to cater to the traditional gaming audience with its new motion controller.

Putting PlayStation Move into its biggest FPS – the most popular genre among core consumers – is a clear indication of Sony’s faith in its newest hardware.



As has been demonstrated during Sony’s E3 press conference and a subsequent episode of US chat show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (pictured), the ability to play Killzone 3 in stereoscopic 3D will be a major selling point for tech-savvy gamers.


Motion controls, courtesy of PlayStation Move,
will also be key to the game’s appeal, with Killzone
3 quickly establishing itself as a major proponent
of the potential for more traditional Move-driven video games.


The recently announced Sharp Shooter accessory further supports Sony’s plans to target FPS gamers with PlayStation Move, and the high-profile release of Killzone 3 is exactly what the platform holder needs to achieve this.


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