Kinect launch titles

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Kinect launch titles

Kinect Adventures

The game that comes bundled with Kinect itself provides the perfect way to grow accustomed to the controller.
This compilation of mini-games puts players in a variety of bizarre scenarios, such as rafting down river rapids, minecart racing and even floating around in outer space.

Players control their on-screen Xbox Avatar by dodging, jumping, punching and kicking their way to the top. They can tackle these adventures on their own, or invite a friend to join in.

All of the mini-games offer both competitive and co-operative challenges – so while they must work together to guide a raft down a raging river, they also have to collect more tokens than their partner.

Kinect Sports

Because no motion controller would be complete without a collection of sporting events for its early adopters to enjoy.

This Rare-developed compilation lets players and their Avatars test their skills in six different events: soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track and field and boxing.

These can all be played solo or as team-based games, with two players taking on AI-controlled characters – or each other. Each sport also comes with different pre-set challenges, giving competitive Xbox owners a reason to come back and master them all.

Players are able to outwit goalies while shooting penalties, add spin and force to their shots in volleyball or table tennis, and control the angle of their javelin as they hurl it towards the target area.


This endearing pet simulator offers a more relaxed Kinect experience.

Gamers adopt one of 20 exotic cubs to train. Choices range from lion and cheetahs to Bengal tigers – all of which are considerably cuter than their vicious real-world counterparts.

Using the Kinect’s motion detectors, players can stroke, tickle and tend to their pet, as well as interacting with objects such as toy Frisbees and ropes.

To help the young creature grow, gamers must teach them tricks by playing games with them, from simple bouts of ‘Fetch’ to special assault courses set up in the woods. This is done with a combination of motion- and voice-control – the creatures even recognise their name when called.

Kinect Joy Ride

Microsoft’s motion-controlled take on the ever-popular karting genre, bringing the best of everything the sector has to offer and giving it a Kinect twist.

In addition to the standard race modes, there are mini-games such as stunt runs and obstacle-laden drag races. These can all be played with one or two users, with Joy Ride catering for up to eight players when racing competitively on Xbox Live.

Players use their entire body to control their car, leaning left and right to drift around corners. Hand gestures are used to employ the vehicle’s boost or to fire rockets at opponents. Gamers can also pimp their ride and driver to customise their in-game presence and make their mark online.

Dance Central

From the creators of Rock Band comes the ultimate dancing game. Dance Central lets players strut their funky stuff without controllers or mats to taint their unique style.

Using Kinect’s accurate motion sensor, the game tracks players’ full-body movements as they dance along to various toe-tapping tunes. Every foot out of place or awkward arm movement is noticed, but by learning the carefully choreographed routines, Dance Central can make a dancer out of anyone.

There are over 600 moves available in the game, all provided by choreographers. Some tracks even have freestyle sections, allowing Xbox owners to humiliate themselves.

The tracklist features some of the hottest artists of past and present, from Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg to Kool & The Gang.


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