Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

Dominic Sacco

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

WITH MORE than 15m unit sales worldwide, the Kingdom Hearts series is popular with both fans of Square Enix and Disney.

The RPG adventure franchise is famous for its mixture of characters from both brands with past games including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Sephiroth from fan-favourite Final Fantasy VII.

Now a brand new adventure is heading to DS in the form of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.

“This is a perfect DS game for followers of the series and Disney fans,” says Square Enix’s marketing manager Paul Benjamin.

“The most recent title, Birth by Sleep on PSP, topped the PSP charts and reached No.7 in the Top 40 All Formats chart – a great success for a single format release.”

Hearty offering

Re:Coded follows Pinocchio’s Jiminy Cricket who finds a hidden message in a journal documenting his first adventure with Kingdom Hearts’ lead character Sora.

Advertisements for the game will appear on, Facebook, MSN, YouTube and Google partner sites.

This will be supported by CRM activity targeting Square Enix and Disney fans, in order to attract plenty of buyers in the New Year.

Key selling points

Hit the deck

Players can once again use the in-game ‘Deck Command’ system from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, allowing them to execute over 100 commands – such as attack and recover – with a single button.

Battle royale

Final Fantasy’s ‘Command Battles’ can be found in Re:Coded, as can side-scrolling boss battles, 3D shoot ‘em up sections and the traditional 3D action gameplay Kingdom Hearts is known for.

Stat attack

Square Enix has developed a new ‘Stat Matrix’ for the game, which allows users to increase their characters’ powers and abilities. Electronic chips can be placed into a circuit board to upgrade stats.

Tagging along

Kingdom Hearts fans can customise their player avatar in the new tag mode by collecting costumes, maps and other gear from defeated enemies. These can be swapped with friends to create custom characters.


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