Legends of Pegasus

Release date July 27th 2012 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Kalypso Media UK Ltd Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
Lauren Wainwright

Legends of Pegasus

Strategic space epic Legends of Pegasus joins Kalypso’s growing line of ‘4X’ strategy titles. 4X?is a genre where players will explore, expand, exploit and exterminate rival civilisations as they grow their empire and colonize new planets.

Alongside a massive 40-hour single player campaign, the game also features online and local multiplayer modes.

A much friendlier interface has been introduced to welcome new comers to the cult 4X genre making it much more accessible. There are also numerous modding options and impressive 3D graphics to marvel at.

Mark Allen, Head of marketing and PR at Kalypso Media UK, told MCV, “Space strategy games are very popular with a huge audience dedicating many of their gaming hours to the genre.

“Legends of Pegasus is the perfect fix for the hordes of gamers out there who want a new challenge as well as the perfect introduction to gamers new to the genre who want to experience 4X strategy gameplay for the first time.” 


Kalypso Media will be targeting core PC strategy fans with site take overs across PC/strategy gaming sites through the week of launch. A pre-order campaign has already started, with print ads running through July and August to raise awareness.

“We will also be releasing an official Legends of Pegasus PDF magazine which we’ll be sending out and sharing via social media sites and forums.”

Allen continues, “Legends of Pegasus will expand the 4X market and deliver a thrilling gaming experience to die hard fans of the genre and newcomers alike.”


Alongside the launch of Legends of Pegasus, Kalypso Media will release a PDF magazine, which will contain details about the game for consumers. The firm will also run site take-overs of strategy and PC-focused games sites.


The 4X genre has always been confusing for newcomers. Standing for ‘explore, expand, exploit and exterminate’, this niche genre is popular amongst PC gamers. LoP utilises a user-friendly UI to make it more accessible.



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