LEGO Battles

James Batchelor

LEGO Battles

Before LEGO ensnared generations of young children with licensed characters, overly complex sci-fi models and successful video games, there were simpler, more classic themes to the build-it-yourself sets.

Among these, some of the most popular were LEGO Castle, LEGO Pirates and LEGO Space. Anyone who remembers flicking through the colourful catalogues of these themes will remember the epic battles depicted on each page, and now Warner Bros allows DS gamers to bring those battles to life.

LEGO Battles is an action strategy game that allows players to build and battle these timeless toys.
Using the pre-constructed characters, weapons and buildings, gamers must build their home base and an army to protect it. As well as focusing on their defence, they will have to aggressively pursue their objectives if they are to literally shatter the enemy forces.

There are six different storylines to play through, each revolving around a specific theme, be it Castles, Pirates or Space. In over 70 missions, players will need to make the best use of each theme’s sets, from pirate ships to medieval dragons. As they progress, they’ll be able to mix and match these models, bringing the level of customisation LEGO has been famed for since it first appeared on toy shop shelves.

Using the DS touch screen interface to tweak every detail to suit their preferences, gamers are then free to experiment as they attempt to create the ultimate LEGO squad. The results can range from pirate swordsmen fighting alongside wizards and aliens, or spaceships providing covering fire for pirate ships and knights.

As with the previous LEGO games, Battles will be best enjoyed with multiple players. DS owners can test each other’s strategic mettle in a range of scenarios via a wireless multi-card connection.

Thanks to its touch screen and stylus, the DS is perfectly suited to LEGO Battles’ strategy-based gameplay, and the family friendly style of the game’s characters and artistry is in keeping with the handheld’s demographic.

More importantly, the game is set to continue the success of the previous toy-branded blockbusters.

“LEGO Battles is the latest game from the fantastic, award-winning team behind LEGO Batman and LEGO Indiana Jones,” says Warner’s head of games Spencer Crossley.

“With trademark LEGO fun and charm, LEGO Battles combines three classic LEGO themes to create a unique extension of the LEGO build-and-play experience that stays true to the customisation and humour that are the foundation of LEGO video games.”

Battles is being targeting specifically at younger gamers, though older fans are certain to appreciate the title equally.

Magazine print ads and engaging advertorials will be appearing across major kids’ publications. These will include reviews, features, competitions and front covers.

Online marketing will comprise rich media advertising across kids and family sites, once again using a mixture of reviews, features and competitions. Finally, a TV campaign has been arranged for a range of children’s channels, such as CiTV.

LEGO games have proven to be consistently strong sellers since LEGO Star Wars burst onto the scene. While the single format release means it may not quite match the success of its predecessors, the enticing premise, irrepressible LEGO style and wide appeal ensures that Battles is certain to emerge triumphant at retail.


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