Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Release date February 22nd 2012 Price n/a
Format Vita
Publisher Distributor Gem
Developer - Contact 01279 822800
James Batchelor

Lumines: Electronic Symphony

The original Lumines was a big hit on PSP and Ubisoft is hoping for the same success with follow-up Electric Symphony for Vita.

Holding true to the series’ simple but addictive gameplay, the musical puzzler tasks players with matching coloured blocks on a grid. Each block has two colours, and these must be placed and rotated so that matching colours form bigger shapes.

Sweeping lines in each colour will then clear these groups from the grid, with the objective being to match as many blocks as possible before the grid is filled.

As you would expect, the Vita title has been developed to use the front touch screen to move and rotate blocks, although classic analogue and button controls will still be available for series veterans.

The action often syncs up with the game’s catchy soundtrack, and Electronic Symphony really delivers here. The game features music from a wide variety of popular artists and bands, including Mark Ronson, Pet Shop Boys, Kaskade and The Chemical Brothers.There are also a number of new features in Lumines: ES. The presentation has been changed to show off 3D blocks instead of 2D sprites, not to mention cool lighting and animation effects.

Developer Q Entertainment has even added an XP system. All the points players receive in each session add to their progress, allowing them to unlock additional skins and avatars. The avatars have special abilities that can be used in either single-player or multiplayer to boost gamers’ scores. For example, putting a Chain Block in the grid eliminates any matching colours that are touching it.

Not all PS?Vita owners will be hardcore action and racing fans, so Lumines is a great puzzle-based alternative from the new handheld’s launch line-up.


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