Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack

James Batchelor

Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack

In 1990, American Laser Games released a live-action arcade game that truly allowed gamers to feel like a Wild West hero. Mad Dog McCree shunned the cardboard cutouts and primitive sprites of previous shooters in favour of real video footage that responded to players’ real-life actions.

Almost 20 years later, Majesco Entertainment has taken the responsibility for bringing this classic title to new generations of gamers in the form of the Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack. Wii owners will be able discover – or revisit, in the case of arcade fans – the joy of fighting live action enemies and put their quick-drawing skills to the test with new content.

As the name suggests, this not only includes the original game but other titles as well. Gamers will be able to enjoy the original Mad Dog, as well as its sequel Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold and fellow live-action shooter The Last Bounty Hunter.

Majesco is confident the distinctive style of these titles will make Gunslinger Pack stand out when it hits shelves.

“The fact that it’s so unique in the market as the first live-action shooter on the Wii makes it a very attractive proposition,” says Majesco’s international marketing manager John Merchant. “Such a massive level of confidence from retail has meant that we’ve had to raise our expectations significantly.

“There are three games on one disk, as well as a wealth of multiplayer content, so the value for money there is terrific. We’ve no doubt Mad Dog will make a huge gun-toting impact in August.”

The decision to release the game on Wii allows the developers to truly recreate the arcade experience of Mad Dog in gamers’ homes, with the Wii Remote forming the perfect substitute for the traditional light gun.

“Using their Wii remote and their sharp shooting skills, players must take aim and bring down the notorious outlaw Mad Dog McCree and his henchmen,” says Merchant. “The game consists of real footage and actors – making it completely unique.”

Each game in the Gunslinger Pack guides players through a storyline performed by actors on screen, offering plenty of variety. In Mad Dog McCree, they must fight through a gang of outlaws to rescue the mayor’s daughter, while The Lost Gold sees them hunting down Mad Dog himself. Finally, the Last Bounty Hunter sees them fill the cowboy boots of an anonymous bounty hunter seeking to bring down four outlaws who are terrorising local towns.

In addition to the single-player modes, the Gunslinger Pack features some brand new multiplayer options that allow friends and families to enjoy Wild West shootouts together.

Posse mode sees them working together to achieve the best possible high score, while Rebel mode will pit them against each other, as they compete to rack up the most points in a series of intense gunfights.

“There’s a real buzz about Mad Dog at the moment,” Merchant says. “Consumers are hugely excited, and retail, particularly the supermarkets, have recognised the game’s obvious appeal and have been overwhelmingly supportive.

“Mad Dog communicates itself very well, with a world everyone can engage with and inclusive gameplay that makes it the most accessible and universally enjoyable shooter on Wii. This game really will be ‘Wanted’ in true Wild Western style upon release.”

With Mad Dog being such a visual title, Majesco will be supporting it with an extensive TV campaign. The publisher will also be targeting mainstream and lifestyle media both in print and online, and is preparing plenty of POS activity at launch.


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