Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros: Trade Spotlight

Release date July 12th 2013 Price n/a
Format 3DS
Publisher - Distributor Nintendo
Developer - Contact 01753 483700

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros: Trade Spotlight

This trade spotlight looks at Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, a 3DS title that sees Mario enter the dreams of a sleeping Luigi to rescue Princess Peach.

We detail the in-game features, history and marketing plan for the game. 

Nintendo junior product manager Vanisha Kavia also tells MCV why the firm has high hopes for the game.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros is released on July 12th.



- The fourth title in the RPG Mario & Luigi series is makings its 3DS debut in the form of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
- This instalment sees the brothers unite to save Princess Peach from yet another kidnapping. This time she has been sucked into a dream world by evil bat king Antasma, leaving Mario to enter the dreams of a sleeping Luigi to rescue her.
- Players will use powers created in Luigi’s imagination to solve puzzles and take on enemies.
- Mario can also use Luiginary powers to switch between the real world and the world of Luigi’s dream. Some of these powers use the motion controls of the 3DS, such as one where players navigate a ball’s course to crush the enemies.
- The title is exclusive to 3DS and forms part of The Year of Luigi, a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the green-wearing Italian.

In store support will appear in line with The Year of Luigi celebrations and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros
will also feature as part of the Nintendo 3DS Summer Experiential tour. The game’s launch will be supported by an online campaign focused on pushing pre-orders. This will also be accompanied by a three-week long kids TV campaign.

The Mario & Luigi series started off as a Paper Mario spin off in 2003 with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for Game Boy Advance. The game was a battle based RPG title and was followed by Partners in Time in 2006 and Bowser’s Inside Story in 2009, both for the DS.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros launches globally this summer and we have high hopes that this title will be a great success. There is a lot of anticipation for this title and with the humourous plot, funny dialogue and unique features; there is something to suit both Nintendo fans and kids.
Exclusive to Nintendo 3DS, this title not only adds to the exciting line up of releases for 2013, but also launches at the peak of the Year of Luigi celebrations.


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