Mario Sports Mix

Dominic Sacco

Mario Sports Mix

MARIO’s latest sports title offers four arcade style games – basketball, volleyball, hockey and dodgeball – all containing some unexpected twists and turns.

Players can compete as their own Mii, or as some of Nintendo’s most famous characters, including Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Toad.The action comes in frenzied quick fire rounds that get the adrenaline pumping and the competitive spirit flowing.

In each game there are items that will help scupper the competition. They can slip on a strategically placed banana skin or be stunned by a flying green shell.  Each character also has his or her own special move: Daisy, for instance, fills her opponent’s playing area with flowers.

There are also coins that can boost players’ scores. This means the end result is always in doubt right up until the last second.

Mario Sports Mix can be played in single player mode or by up to four players – and it’s here, with the competitive element to the fore, that the fun really cranks up.

Several trophies are up for grabs including the Mushroom, Flower and Star Cup. Once gamers become champions, additional stages and characters will be unlocked.

Each sport also has an associated mini game. Basketball’s bite-sized offspring, for instance, is ‘Feed Petey’, where players grab low-hanging fruits from the ceiling and aim them directly into the mouth of Petey the piranha plant, whereas in ‘Smash Skate’ other gamers can be pushed off a ledge using hockey sticks.

“Mario Sports Mix takes many of the traits that have made Mario Kart Wii so successful and applies them in a fun and unique way,” Nintendo’s UK marketing assistant Roger Langford tells MCV.

“It is one of those games which is  easy to pick up and play but has enough depth through the four sports to give ardent gamers a challenge.”

In the mix


Players can pull off spectacular slam dunks, battle to win the ball after rebounds and leave the opposition in their wake with special skill moves.

Ice hockey

Using the slippery surface to their advantage, players shouldn’t be surprised if a brawl breaks out in     this sport.


A reaction game where players must grab the ball with the A and B buttons, then pass the ball around and wait until their opponents are off guard.


Slam serves, block incoming spikes and master neat two-touch attacks as gamers attempt to claim the court.

Marketing Mario

Mario Sports Mix and Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem represent Nintendo’s first dual release of 2011 and the firm is rolling out one of its biggest Q1 campaigns.


A TV campaign gets underway on the week of release across all big stations. Targeted at families, a range of creatives will convey the key USPs and differences of both titles to Mario fans and non-fans alike, delivered through 750 TVRs that have been booked for the campaign.

Mario Sports Mix will be further supported by a campaign aimed at kids where Nintendo will take over the likes of Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon with a creative that will run for three weeks from release.

To further support the releases there will be a Facebook campaign that will see adverts targeted at Mario fans. There will also be a dedicated micro site for both games where users can view videos and find out more information.

A huge SEO campaign will ensure that everyone who is searching for Mario vs Donkey Kong and Mario Sports Mix can be driven to the right sources to find out more information on the games’ features and benefits.


The specialist games press plans to publish dedicated reviews of both titles.

There will be several in-store takeovers across the nation to celebrate this Mario range, complemented by bespoke
POS materials.


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