Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem

Dominic Sacco

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem

IN THIS brand new puzzle-based adventure, two video game legends clash once again as players help Mario rescue his girlfriend from Donkey Kong.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem is packed with new challenges and games. It begins when Mario opens a shiny new theme park and invites his girlfriend Pauline along as a special guest for the event.

However, the day goes disastrously wrong straight away when Donkey Kong kidnaps Pauline from right under his nose.

So what should buyers do – phone the police? Don’t be silly. Instead, Mario has to steer a group of Mini Marios through a series of challenging puzzle-packed levels.

Players draw bridges and create ladders, push springs and shift blocks to make a clear path. They must also avoid all the traps and enemies that stand between the Mini Marios and the next level.

Once they start, they can’t stop, so players will have to plan their strategies carefully – and make sure no-one is left behind. Oh, and just to ratchet up the tension a bit more, all levels have to be completed against the clock.

Nintendo’s UK marketing assistant Roger Langford says: “This title fits in perfectly for DS owners who enjoy puzzle titles such as the Professor Layton series. Couple that with the appearance of Mario and Donkey Kong and you have the formula for a highly successful DS title.”

Mario’s theme park in Mini-Land Mayhem includes eight different attractions, from a Teacups ride to Cannon Cove.

There are also over 200 different levels in this version of Mario vs Donkey Kong, as well as a Challenge Mode that allows players to create their own and then share them through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Marketing Mario

Mario Sports Mix and Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem represent Nintendo’s first dual release of 2011 and the firm is rolling out one of its biggest Q1 campaigns.


A TV campaign gets underway on the week of release across all big stations. Targeted at families, a range of creatives will convey the key USPs and differences of both titles to Mario fans and non-fans alike, delivered through 750 TVRs that have been booked for the campaign.

Mario Sports Mix will be further supported by a campaign aimed at kids where Nintendo will take over the likes of Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon with a creative that will run for three weeks from release.


To further support the releases there will be a Facebook campaign that will see adverts targeted at Mario fans. There will also be a dedicated micro site for both games where users can view videos and find out more information.

A huge SEO campaign will ensure that everyone who is searching for Mario vs Donkey Kong and Mario Sports Mix can be driven to the right sources to find out more information on the games’ features and benefits.


The specialist games press plans to publish dedicated reviews of both titles.


There will be several in-store takeovers across the nation to celebrate this Mario range, complemented by bespoke
POS materials.


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