Max and the Magic Marker

Dominic Sacco

Max and the Magic Marker

Easy Interactive is providing retailers with a creative platforming game that has been well received on PC, smartphones and WiiWare.

Max and the Magic Marker is a colourful 2D platformer that allows players to draw ledges and shapes with the DS stylus or Wii Remote to help protagonist Max progress.

Like the gameplay, the storyline is one of charm and imagination. Young boy Max receives a strange orange pen in the post. To test it, he draws a monster, only to see it run off the page and onto another drawing. Max then draws himself into the same picture and the game begins inside the drawing.

Players can use the magic marker to bring physical objects to life in the game world, create bridges for Max to cross and other shapes to solve puzzles in order to progress.

Magic gameplay

As mentioned, the title has already been warmly received by critics – something that publisher Easy Interactive says will help bring it to more gamers.

“Max and the Magic Marker has already proved to be immensely popular on WiiWare so it was easy to decide to update it and bring it to Wii and DS and into the hands of a whole new audience,” said Easy Interactive’s sales director Ludolf Van Der Molen.

“Using the stylus as a virtual ‘magic marker’ is totally intuitive, and the interaction between the player and the game has been taken to a whole new level. You draw, you play and you have fun.”


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