Medal of Honor

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Medal of Honor

Since its birth in 1999, the Medal of Honor series has seen 12 titles bring players to frontlines across the world in the battles of World War II.

However, in the latest entry to the franchise, the game leaves WWII and instead, for the first time, puts players straight into the current war in Afghanistan.

Executive producer at EA’s LA studio Danger Close Greg Goodrich tells us: “Medal of Honor is a franchise that everyone loves. The name alone means so much to the gaming community I think that for us, we have a responsibility to do right by the franchise.

“We got our heads down and concentrated on making a good game and a great reboot to get the franchise back to where it once was.”

The game has been developed with input from US military consultants and descriptions by veteran soldiers; indicative of EA’s strive for realism in the new game.

This aim for realism and quality can be seen as the Medal of Honor development team at EA LA were specifically selected by general manager Sean Decker, executive producer Greg Goodrich and senior creative director Rich Farrelly.

Alongside the single player game, EA enlisted DICE, the team behind the Battlefield: Bad Company series, to devise the game’s multiplayer modes.


The game allows players to take control of both US Army Rangers and Tier 1 Elite Ops Special Forces in intense FPS conflicts across the hostile battlefields of Afghanistan.

Players are given an authentic military experience as the game aims to both represent missions inspired by real events, as well as conveying the mindset of the American soldiers of the present.

In keeping with presenting the realism of a present day conflict, the game gives consumers the chance to use real US military vehicles including quad bikes, helicopters and humvees.

The multiplayer modes in the game will appeal to fans of the Battlefield: Bad Company, while the single-player mode promises to be just as epic.

“Our intent is to make a core shooter with great mechanics and a slick through-the-gun experience, as well as tell a compelling rich story with interesting characters and honour a group of individuals,” adds Goodrich.


Medal of Honor will feature four multiplayer modes with two of them being made available in the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta, the Team Assault and Combat Mission modes.

This multiplayer will see gamers adopt roles on either side of the battlefield, with players stepping into the shoes of either the US military or an opposing force.

In Team Assault mode, gamers have to use their skills and knowledge of the maps in fierce kill-or-be-killed close combat battles.

The Combat Mission mode allows players to fight tactically in teams through a range of different objectives conveyed through an engrossing narrative.

The beta also showcased two maps inspired by real world locations across Afghanistan – the Helmand Valley and the Kabul City Ruins. Both maps and modes allowed 24 players – two teams of 12 – as well as introduced a weapon customisation system for players to modify weapons and create a wide variety of attack combinations.

Medal of Honor is also the first game released under EA’s new ‘Gun Club’ banner – a loyalty program that rewards gamers with unlockable content, demos and new modes.

Goodrich says: “We have a lot of shooters at EA, each with their own identity and tone, so Gun Club is a way for us to reward our loyal customers who are fans of all our products.

“It’s pretty cool and Medal of Honor is the first game to roll it out.”

The new location and current setting for Medal of Honor givese a new breath of life to the franchise, with the attention to detail in relation to realism destined to please fans of previous titles in the series.

Along with the impressive multiplayer mode, Linkin Park soundtrack and appealing visuals in the game, any consumers still on the fence will surely be tempted by the games pièce de résistance: the inclusion of an unlockable beard.


The Medal of Honor limited edition pack comes with the exclusive MP-7, an in-game weapon used by Tier 1 Operators that engages like a rifle but feels like a pistol.

Two other weapons included in the limited edition include the TOZ194 and 870MCS shotguns and slugs, both extremely destructive in close combat situations. Players can also blend into the terrain of Afghanistan with the unique Spec Ops Class Camouflage add-on.

Fans who buy the limited edition of the game will also receive an invitation to the beta for EA’s Battlefield 3, a title developed by DICE, the same team behind Medal of Honor’s multiplayer mode.

As an extra bonus for those buying the PS3 limited edition version of the game, a completely HD re-mastered Medal of Honor Frontline game will also be included.

Retailers are listing the limited edition as the same price as the regular version of Medal of Honor – around £39.99 on multiple formats.


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