Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

James Batchelor

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

METAL GEAR SOLID has become one of Konami’s most popular and established gaming franchises ever.

Since the first title’s release on the original PlayStation in 1999 the stealth series has branched out with a range of sequels and spin-offs. In 2008 MGS4 sold 1m copies during its first week on sale in Europe alone.

MGS: Peace Walker is the latest PSP-only game in the series and adds a new story, four-player co-op, RTS and RPG elements as well as boss cameos from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.

“We have good hopes for Peace Walker, which has been produced by Mr Kojima as the next full entry in the series,” says Konami UK’s marketing manager Rosemarie Dalton.

“It is probably the most complete PSP title for the format, using the various capabilities of the hardware, built within a stunning game engine that brings all the story-telling, aesthetic prowess and action set-pieces that Mr Kojima is famed for.

“Peace Walker is the definitive MGS title for PSP and doesn’t hold back just because it is on a handheld.”


The latest MGS game takes place after the events of PS2’s best-seller Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Players take control of the legendary Naked Snake – or Big Boss – who must lead an army to protect a nation without a military and establish ‘Outer Heaven,’ a familiar name to fans of the Metal Gear series.

Gameplay additions include co-op which allows players to interact and build a team by sharing weapons, items and even life gauges in the heat of battle. ‘Snake Formation’ lets one player take the lead while others can focus on defense.

Dalton adds: “Peace Walker is as action-packed and crammed with new elements as any new MGS title would be.

“New elements such as co-op missions, the huge bosses that the series is famed for and a wealth of new weaponry and gameplay additions make it a stunning advance for the series, and probably the most anticipated PSP title of all time.”

Peace Walker also features a range of cameos from other brands including dinosaurs from Monster Hunter, Snake’s Sony Walkman and even packets of Doritos to add to bring the game’s epic story to life.

“Mr Kojima knows what people want from MGS, and then goes beyond that,” says Dalton.

“As such, a load of new surprises will delight both fans of the series, without alienating any newcomers.”
Konami previously announced a PSP Peace Walker console bundle due for release in the US and Canada, but this will not make it to UK stores. Dalton adds: “The bundle is not planned for the UK, but will not impact on sales at all.”

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be released for PSP on June 18th.


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