Metroid Prime Trilogy

James Batchelor

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Many publishers know that old titles can be rejuvenated on Wii. From Capcom’s best-selling Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition to Nintendo’s own New Play Control range, the addition of motion controls can create brand new experiences that both veteran Nintendo fans and newcomers can enjoy.

In a special twist on the New Play Control range, Nintendo is releasing Metroid Prime Trilogy, bringing the first two Prime titles to the Wii for the first time. As the name implies, Trilogy also includes 2007’s best-selling
Wii title Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, meaning consumers get three epic adventures for less than £50.

“We are hoping that it will be a hit with both the Metroid fans out there, and anybody who just loves great video games,” says Nintendo’s senior product manager Robert Lowe. “All three games received rave reviews and have now been enhanced on their journey across to Wii. No-one can call themselves a true gamer unless they’ve played through one of the Metroid series – and in Trilogy, there’s three good reasons to do just that.”

Both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes have been enhanced, with the developers reworking the control system around the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to align with the widely celebrated control system of Corruption.

Not only can newcomers experience these games the way they were meant to be played, fans of the original versions will get a fresh experience to enjoy.

Extra content has also been added around the two games, with Corruption-like objectives such as killing a set amount enemies allowing them to unlock concept art and music tracks. Additionally, the visuals have been tweaked so that both titles support widescreen displays.

“The gameplay of the Metroid Prime series is second to none – more of a first-person adventure than a traditional shooter,” says Lowe. “The visual style and sound is truly atmospheric and the story is an epic sweep across various memorable locations, making for a unique gaming experience.”

Naturally, this release will appeal most to the avid hardcore gamers among the Wii’s audience. With so many casual and accessible titles being released on their chosen format, consumers starved for more traditional gaming will be certain to pick this up. Newcomers yet to experience the Prime series will be particularly interested, but a significant number of veterans and completionists will also be looking to add this to their collection.

“Hopefully, this should be a good title for specialists to focus on, as it will really appeal to the Nintendo heartland and the more active gamers out there,” says Lowe. “We are hoping for the same levels of success we’ve seen with previous titles such as Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and, obviously, Metroid Prime 3.”

Nintendo will be running a highly targeted campaign, focusing mainly on specialist gaming magazines and websites. The creative will all be based on the iconic characters and visuals of the Metroid universe, in order to ensure maximum exposure among both fans of the Prime series and veterans of the franchise.

Metroid Prime Trilogy serves as the perfect hardcore title for Wii to usher in the busiest trading period of the year. With its diverse appeal, acclaimed heritage and excellent value for money, this will be on almost every Wii gamer’s must-have list.


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