Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate Trade Spotlight

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Format Wii U
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Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate Trade Spotlight

This trade spotlight looks at Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, the first HD and 3D entry in a series that has sold over 21 million copies worldwide.

We detail the in-game features, in-store offers and the marketing plan for the game. 

Product manager Danielle Robinson also tells MCV why Ultimate is worth the wait for fans as well as Nintendo's expectations for the title.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is released on March 22nd.




  • The Monster Hunter series is taking consumers on its first HD and 3D adventure with Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for the Wii U and 3DS.
  • The game brings players a whole host of new locations and challenges with more than 200 quests available for gamers to fight through.
  • Gracing the Wii U and 3DS for the first time, this latest title in the franchise features over 2,000 new items and more than 30 monsters for players to go toe-to-toe with.
  • Having bitten the dust, the bones, tusks and corpses of the beasts will come in handy for consumers looking to craft impressive weapons and armour. 
  • Wii U owners will see the game transform the GamePad into a target camera that makes it easier to focus on enemies. The GamePad will also show players field maps, books and houses several mini-games. 
  • Groups of monster hunters can play the game via a local wireless connection on the 3DS and online on the Wii U. 
  • The game also features interconnectivity between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, meaning consumers can take the game from the console and continue to play on the handheld. 


MONSTER Hunter 3: Ultimate will be available to consumers as part of a Wii U bundle entitled the Nintendo Wii U Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Premium Pack. A similar pack brings together a Nintendo 3DS XL with a pre-installed copy of the game. Retailers can also stock filter and skin sets for the 3DS and Wii U. 


THE Monster Hunter series has sold over 21 million copies worldwide since its first title, Monster Hunter, arrived in 2004. The series has spawned eight more titles, but only half had European releases. Those are Monster Hunter: Freedom, Monster Hunter: Freedom 2, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite for PSP and Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. 


MONSTER Hunter 3: Ultimate will be the focus of an online; CRM and social media campaign across sites including Eurogamer and Facebook.

The print campaign includes adverts in specialist and consumer male magazines and will highlight the platform interconnectivity feature and the title’s first-time HD visuals on the Wii U. 


It's been four years since the last Monster Hunter game released on a Nintendo platform in the UK. And following the announcement of this game, the appetite from fans has been increasing which is a great response. With the demo now released interest has grown even more so we expect to do well at launch.

The excitement is there and it’s fantastic to see that even after a long hiatus there is still a dedicated fanbase anticipating the release.

It's also another excellent addition to the Wii U and 3DS software portfolio, which is sure to keep fans engaged and continue to grow the consoles' library with more exciting titles. 


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