Motorstorm Apocalypse

Dominic Sacco

Motorstorm Apocalypse

The racing genre is often one that takes itself a little too seriously. More often than not, repetitive fenced-off circuits keep unnecessarily clean cars on a dull concrete track. But every now and then a title comes along that brings a little more excitement to the race.

The original Motorstorm was one such title. The racer was the first to show what both the PS3’s power and its SixAxis motion controller could do for the genre, making it one of the most popular launch titles on the console.

Follow-ups have been released in the years since but they’ve yet to generate the same buzz the first game did.

All that should change with Motorstorm Apocalypse, a racing title that brings a few ‘end of the world’ thrills to the sport. Set in a city ravaged by an earthquake, the game challenges players to navigate circuits where the terrain could change at any moment.

The tracks are littered with unstable skyscrapers, collapsing tunnels and shattered bridges. Any of these could trigger a destructive and cinematic set piece that will keep gamers on their toes.

Throw in the usual danger of rival vehicles bearing weapons that range from machine guns to rocket launchers, and you have one of the most intense racers on the market.

“Those who’ve been following this game are already bought-in and very excited but I think its performance could really surprise anyone that hasn’t,” says Sony product manager Kerri West.

“After the success of the first Motorstorm – selling through just short of half a million units – we saw a bit of a dip in momentum with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

This can be attributed to the fact that there wasn’t quite enough new in Pacific Rift to persuade everyone to buy another Motorstorm one year on.

“Apocalypse, however, is radically new and improved and this is not going unnoticed. We’re pleased with how specialist media have been getting behind it and we seem to have won over the often cynical core gaming community, who are eagerly awaiting the March release.”

Promotional drive


A weekend-long sampling tour will see monster truck stands containing two demo pods parked outside the Bullring in Birmingham and London’s Westfield.


Motorstorm Apocalypse is the next title to be highlighted as part of Sony’s year-long sponsorship of films shown on Five. Idents will run around Hancock, Resident Evil Apocalypse and more.


Special 3D trailers will be shown in cinemas before screenings of Faster and Drive Angry. Spots will run on Sky 3D’s Pub channel and around Champions League football matches.


Sony will host a competition in a dilapidated London warehouse on March 10th. It will be promoted through editorial and site takeovers on FHM, Eurogamer, CVG, IGN and more.


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