Myst 3DS

Release date June 29th 2012 Price n/a
Format 3DS
Publisher Funbox Media Ltd Distributor Curveball Leisure Ltd
Developer - Contact 01792 652521
Lauren Wainwright

Myst 3DS

Since its original launch in 1993, gripping adventure game Myst has sold over 13 million units globally.

After releasing on both Sony’s PSP and the Nintendo DS, it’s now out on the 3DS console and recieves a whole new 3D twist.

The 3D features feel right at home, giving players a whole new dimension to explore. This version also introduces the fantasy universe to players who are not yet acquainted with the classic series. There are also new landscapes and the addition of the RIME Age to enhance the Myst storyline.

The game features six worlds in total, with plenty of mind boggling puzzles to solve and secret clues dotted around each map.

There’s a whopping 80 hours of content in total for gamers to get stuck into.


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