Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

Dominic Sacco

Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

The market for puzzle games has progressed in recent years with casual gamers clamouring for new hidden object titles.

Focus Multimedia is answering their prayers with the latest instalment in the most popular hidden object series of all – Mystery Case Files.

13th Skull is the seventh release in the franchise and features hundreds of new puzzles.

The storyline follows Sara Lawson, whose husband disappears after they move into a rundown mansion. Sara’s daughter believes the ghost of a pirate kidnapped her father. Damn those evil peg-legged ghouls.

The player must track down Sara’s husband by searching for clues, items and interviewing locals to progress through the spooky manor. As players find hidden objects, they can mix them together to solve puzzles and progress to the next screen.

To give you an idea of how the gameplay works, its puzzles are similar to Nintendo’s Phoenix Wright attorney series combined with the casual nature of puzzle games such as Professor Layton.

Fans of Mystery Case Files and casual gamers will no doubt be interested in the newest release from budget PC experts Focus Multimedia.

And with a bargain SRP of just £10.20, there’s little reason for buyers not to pick up Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull.


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