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SOME gamers may be happy with the immaculate tarmac of Gran Turismo 5 or dull concrete of Need For Speed. But others want to burn rubber across terrain that’s a little more rocky.

Enter Nail’d, the new off-road racer from Koch’s publishing label Deep Silver that will kick off the new year in a cloud of mud and dust.

Instead of focusing on realism and its inherent restrictions, the game takes an over-the-top arcade approach to the genre.

This basically means the rules of physics have been rewritten. Players’ ATVs, quads and motorcross bikes will be equipped with powerful boosts that send them flying through the air, while the outlandish – and sometimes near-vertical – environments are key to the game’s broad appeal.

“Within seconds of loading up the game, the player will be hurtling along at blistering speed across insane tracks in four enormous and diverse locations,” says Koch’s marketing executive for hardcore games Gary Chantler.

“This sets Nail’d apart and beyond the competition. Never has off-road racing been so much fun.”


Racing enthusiasts will find plenty of single-player modes to get stuck into, allowing them to hone their skills and learn the courses before taking on the intense multiplayer, which caters for up to 12 players online.

The game uses Techland’s Chrome Engine 4 to render the mayhem in cutting-edge visuals, with special effects that make every mud and water splash seem closer than ever.

It even has an exclusive soundtrack featuring bands such as Deftones, Fear Factory, Hatebreed and Static-X.
But these are not the only reasons Deep Silver is so excited about Nail’d.

Not only is it the firm’s biggest racer to date, it also presents the challenge of establishing a new brand in the troubled racing genre.

Chantler says: “Bringing a new IP to the market is always tough but we are very confident that once people get their hands on Nail’d they will instantly discover why it is worth their time and investment.

“Games should be about entertainment and fun, and Nail’d brings that in truckloads and more.”


Deep Silver is working closely with the Quad Racing Association.

The organisation has helped the publisher branch out to effectively target off-road consumers as well as arranging special events to build hype for Nail’d.

Other marketing plans will focus on breakout advertising across specialist and lifestyle press, both in print and online, in order to raise awareness of Nail’d launch.

The publisher claims it will reach over 25 million UK consumers by the end of March with Nail’d promotions, and the game has already seen some strong feedback from the press.

Koch’s hardcore games marketing exec Gary Chantler says: “We know we have a great game on our hands but it’s always reassuring to see journalists enjoy our game as much as we do.”


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