New Super Mario Bros 2

Release date August 17th 2012 Price n/a
Format 3DS
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
Lauren Wainwright

New Super Mario Bros 2

You would think Mario would have invested some of those coins into a CCTV system at the castle in the Mushroom Kingdom because – once again – Princess Peach has been kidnapped by series baddie, Bowser. What does Bowser even want with her anyway?

Our favourite Italian jumps into action himself and goes currency-crazy in New Super Mario Bros 2. 

This entry sees Mario saving the Mushroom Kingdom from an influx of coins that litter each world as well as continue his ongoing quest to rescue the princess. 

Players can now complete the whole side-scrolling adventure in the two-player co-operative multiplayer using local wireless, playing as Mario and Luigi. Much like New Super Mario Bros Wii, players will need to keep up with each other as the camera follows the player in front. 

A new Coin Rush mode allows users to collect as many coins as possible in a single life. Running across three levels, all 1-up mushrooms and items are replaced with coins as players rush to get as many as possible with scores being shared via StreetPass.  

Nintendo no doubt hopes New Super Mario Bros 2 follows the success of the first DS game, which has managed to shift 29 million units worldwide so far. This sequel is sure to be another Nintendo system seller.


New Super Mario Bros 2 is all about collecting currency, so gamers shouldn’t be surprised to hear that a whopping one million coins can be collected within the game. A rolling counter will track each and every coin players collect so they can show it off to their friends. 


Mario can transform into several different forms such as Gold Blockhead Mario, who pours out coins for a limited time to giddy coin collecting gamers. Also included is fan favorite Raccoon Mario, who can fly around and swipe at enemies with his bushy tail.


New Super Mario Bros 2 follows the release of Nintendo’s first upgrade for it’s glasses-free 3D handheld. The 3DS XL sports 90 per cent larger screens making the experience much more enjoyable. New Super Mario Bros 2 in particular looks good on the bigger screens.


Pre-ordering the title from GAME or Gamestation can net gamers a special piece of Mario merchandise: A special coin case just like the coins you collect in game. The replica can hold a ‘number of small objects’ – in other words, more 3DS game cartridges.


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